Social Media Marketing Company Chennai

Professional management of marketing campaigns on social networks with an individual approach and work transparency.

Social Media Marketing: The process of driving traffic or attention to the brand or product via social platforms. Almost every business is trying to use all possible channels of communication with the consumer, after a few months of work, many companies are disappointed in it, considering it a waste of time and budget. Do you want to start promoting your brand on social media, but don't know where to start? We will help you put the correct target presence in social networks, and to decide on concrete steps to achieve.

Development of SMM strategy; selection of effective tools and the definition of communication formats; Development of the concept of representation of the page on the network; basic setting group accounts in, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram; training plan content.

The first step in the work to promote the brand in social networks in our company is the development strategy of presence. This step helps to identify the feasibility of work on various sites, segment the target audience of the brand, and define communication tools for each segment. The result of the development strategy of presence in social networks is a detailed step-by-step guide on what is worth doing, and what will not work.

Determine the tools from the budget and forecast results:

Who: define the target audience and its segmenting.

Where: define the area where the audience lives.

How to: define the rules for communication with each segment of the audience.

Why: forming a chain and objectives of our work in the social. Once a concept is developed, the following works are divided into 4 main areas: analysis, work with content, administration and promotion.

Social Media Marketing Company Chennai

Benifits of Social Media Marketing

  • Benefits of Social Media Marketing,
  • Wide coverage of the audience,
  • Exact target audience membership (broad targeting possible),
  • Interactive communication with Central Asia,
  • The possibility of creating demand for new products and services,
  • High speed of information dissemination (viral effect),
  • Long-term effect.

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