55 Content Ideas for Social Networks

  1. Do not neglect the opinion of subscribers. Find out about the subscribers of your page / group about your services or products;
  2. Share links to interesting sites and pages (preferably thematic);
  3. Use the quotation. Many users are willing to use them as a status on their page;
  4. Positive shots. Do not turn them into advertising – for sure, every user will appreciate funny pictures with kids and kittens;
  5. Put a link in the ribbon to an entertaining or useful case. This format is very attractive for many users; social networks and content for them
  6. Do not disregard useful advice and publish them in relation to your business;
  7. Stimulate users to write a review – the most active promise of prizes;
  8. Explore photos of customers signed and visiting your resource;
  9. It is recommended to share with clients links to free tools, for example, image processing programs with which you work in person;
  10. Leave a review of interesting literature, which is somehow related to your activities;
  11. Share your products, which you buy on an ongoing basis. For example, if you are a carpenter, then share your opinion about modern furniture, which you yourself prefer;
  12. Create a top-ranking list of texts, articles or posts.
  13. Explain to the users why these thematic materials have become interesting to a wide audience;
  14. Leave links to affiliate sites that will repay you the same. For example, recommend a store in which you purchase content or some components for your products;
  15. Create an interesting survey;
  16. Constantly cover the latest news, share your opinion (policy is excluded);
  17. Leave a recommendation on the page of a specialist working in your industry;
  18. Nostalgic note. Share the history of creating your company, put logo templates, etc.
  19. Spread the links to your resource through various social networks;
  20. Publish memes – funny videos, pictures, etc.
  21. Share useful video instructions;
  22. Take pictures of the type “behind the scenes” – photos of the creative process, how your team works;
  23. Constantly create contests – for example, a photo contest related to your business;
  24. Publish funny pictures and pictures , offering subscribers to come up with an amusing signature; content ideas for social networks
  25. Create a news feed;
  26. Constantly track holidays. Do not forget to congratulate subscribers;
  27. Aim the feedback bridge. Maintain a dialogue with potential clients, answer questions about business and products;
  28. Share with your subscriber’s pictures of your team – a potential customer should be aware of who he is dealing with;
  29. Provide subscribers with information related to the return of products – this information will reduce the number of mistakes when ordering to a minimum;
  30. Excellent reception – the publication of posts in the style of “honestly-dishonest”. This technique allows the user to independently confirm or refute this fact;
  31. Always look for “hot” topics of the day. Be interested in what’s interesting to other users; content ideas for Facebook
  32. Regularly reward the most active users. Make him an “ambassador of good will” from your “enterprise”;
  33. Conduct research and share the results with the audience;
  34. Offer discounts to subscribers, with a limited time limit;
  35. Emphasize your professional qualities, demonstrate certificates, awards and other signs of honor;
  36. Share links with profitable shares, give coupons;
  37. Share photos from corporate parties, show how your team is resting;
  38. Offer free services;
  39. Do not forget to thank your subscribers for all the time they spend in your group;
  40. Create one theme and prepare a series of posts in this area. Publish them for several days;
  41. Publish in the group links to the most entertaining articles and photos that are related to your industry (scope);
  42. Constantly ask questions to users;
  43. Ask team members to tell an interesting story and publish it; ideas of content in social networks
  44. Conduct a dialogue with experts in your industry in an open mode;
  45. Organize a gift campaign. For example, gifts will be awarded to those 5-10 users who will make repost entries;
  46. Intrigue users. For example, publish only part of an interview with a popular person, which will appear in you only after 1-2 weeks;
  47. Constantly announce your posts.
  48. Attract the attention of the audience;
  49. Publish insider posts, news, information;
  50. Give examples of comments on your products or services, make a repost of the most literate and fun;
  51. Answer the questions of potential customers and consumers;
  52. Refer to letters from the mailing list to initiate a discussion dialogue;
  53. Ask subscribers to see them on your page;
  54. Do not neglect the services of question-answer type. Look for the most common questions and give them detailed comments;
  55. Publish interesting excerpts of articles;
  56. Sometimes it is recommended to publish screenshots of interesting dialogues (with the permission of the interlocutor);
  57. Constantly present the upcoming events of your company.

Reasons of Hiring an SEO Agency over Doing it at Your Own

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is something which includes techniques and strategies to make a web site of a higher rank and to place it on a position better than before in a particular web search engine. Nowadays we can say that concept of SEO and marketing are inseparable. If you need your business to boost up and be successful, then you need to synchronize SEO and marketing accordingly. Now the question arises that how a small business will be noticeable and successful?  There will be an instant answer: hire an SEO agency.

If you have read some of the articles over the net, you would be thinking that SEO strategies are not a big deal. Everyone can play with keyword density; can put out web links and lot more. But the truth is that SEO is not a piece of cake that everyone can eat. SEO strategies are lot more complex and a company is serving a lot more time to think for raising your website ranking. Adding to this, one should know the previous techniques of SEO which raised the ranking and which failed so that to improve present and future tactics. The concept of keyword density is no more.

Don’t think that you can make your employees learn some SEO techniques and will save time and money. SEO is something that cannot be learned overnight. The one who is ready to learn it has to take time to study and research on it. If you will make your employee learn it then he will be overwhelmed with some of the old strategies which are no more used in actual and can result in bringing down your company. It is better to let employees do their work and hire a SEO firm instantly.

Most of the times, algorithms are updated which means that factors affecting the ranking have changed. A good SEO company will look for the update and change their strategies and techniques accordingly. Boise SEO companies are more precise about the updates and instantly change their strategies for it. Boise SEO companies are famous for such instant actions for the change.

SEO companies bring a lot more traffic to your website to increase sales and to make your website profitable. Techniques like link building may affect your web ranking but it does not increase sales. However link building is not also a factor to affect ranking as it can be easily manipulated now-a-days. SEO leads to bring a good traffic, which means that it will be such that the one who is actually accessing your website is actually interested in it.

If you are thinking of learning it yourself, you maybe lead to use weak and negative SEO technique and can result in downgrading your website so you are requested, not to use SEO techniques yourself to save money, instead hire an SEO agency.

Why Digital Marketing is Important to Small Scale Business

With time the competition is growing. Due to this digital marketing has become a significantly important part of the business. To grow you need to find more communication channels. To get this you need to promote yourself digitally. Global exposure is what every business needs. Without digital marketing accomplishing this would be difficult.

Now, what every start up and medium size business do and what you should never do is try to promote yourself without professional help. There are some reasons why professionals are there. They know which platform will be able to help you get the right exposure. For this reason, you should always try to find the digital marketing services.

The importance of the social media marketing is increasing by the day. This is the only platform which can help you compete with the large corporations. Such competition has been a dream for many for the past decade as broadcast media has never helped in promotion before. Since the inception of SEO, the digital marketing trends have changed. In fact, now people look for strong digital presence if they want to grow.

Sticking to traditional marketing strategy can create many barriers. Such marketing process will not allow you to reach out to a mass. Also traditional marketing requires a huge budget. If you are opting for global exposure in an affordable way, you need to turn digital.

Before You Go Digital…

Going digital is easy. This does not take much to go digital. You hire a team of professionals or a professional digital marketing company and allow them to promote your organization. End of the story, don’t you think? Well, you think wrong. Digital marketing does not stop there. Hiring a professional does not end your responsibility. In fact, it increases. Hiring someone is the beginning of the job. Before, you start promoting yourself, it is important to decide what message you want to give out to the world. How do you want to present yourself? What image do you want to build before your targeted clients? Most importantly who are your target clients? Once you decide all these, you can sit with your internet marketing team.

One thing you need to understand is – digital marketing build reputation. The entire image of your company depends on proper marketing strategy. You right with this, you hit jackpot. People will admire your work. They will come to you for business. However, if you go wrong with this your total effort will be wasted. For this reason, who is handling your marketing process makes a difference.

With digital marketing you can open up a gateway which connects you to your clients. No other marketing service will give you the option of communicating freely with your clients. This is the only platform. By talking directly to your clients you will be able to build a set of loyal clients. These people will not only come to you for your service, they will also recommend you to others. This brand loyalty can be built through proper online marketing only.

Revenue is the most important part of business which everyone chases. Without revenue no business will be able to run for long. For this reason, the first objective of running a business should be going after revenue only. Digital marketing when done right, succeeds in generating revenue which is better than what traditional marketing will bring you.

Digital presence earns people’s trust. Imagine a company with no digital presence anywhere. You cannot find them in Twitter. You cannot find them in Facebook and they have no blog to speak for. Would you trust a company like this? Well, to be frank no one will trust a company like this. It is the trust factor which makes digital marketing such a popular marketing option. To build the trust among people, you need to be there digitally. People search companies and people in Internet only.

Stepping out of the boundary is important. With digital marketing you will be able to step out of the limit. This is called going global. With traditional marketing you will be able to reach out to the locals only. However, by being digital, you can go across the world. You can reach anyone. You can communicate with anyone.

Help of a professional internet marketing service is important because with digital marketing you can go beyond the boundary and surpass your competitors. This will enable you to reach out to people before your competitors do. You can talk about your services and expertise and gain confidence.

If you know how important digital marketing is, you must also know how important right online marketing company will be. Choose right or else you will not be able to see the result which digital marketing promises to do. Experience counts here and also result. You need to find someone with proven track record.

Which trends should be SEO-ready in 2017

Search Engine Optimization is developing at light speed. By the end of 2016, it makes sense to explore the landscape of digital-marketing next year.

Over the past 10 months in SEO there are many improvements. Many of the trends of 2016 will continue to grow in 2017. In addition to constant updates Google-algorithms that keep the business in good shape, in 2017 is expected to finalize a number of other trends.

Here are some points that are worth paying attention to in the coming months.

Optimized for the user’s intent

Keywords continue to play an important role, a set of simple words lead to the issuance of ordinary results. Today, the consumer knows exactly what looking for, and search engines better recognize user tendencies. Currently, however, users are increasingly using wordy search queries to get the most accurate result.

In 2017, brands will have overestimated their content through the lens user’s intentions, rather than specific keywords. The SEO-strategy will be important:

  1. Learn. What are looking for people who come to your page? On what issues they are looking for answers in your content?
  2. Optimize. After collecting the data, and identify areas that require attention, make the changes that positively affect the position of the site. Based on your analysis tell the story of the consumer, modifying the content to reflect the reader’s experience.
  3. Correct. Keep an eye on analytics to understand what works and what does not and make changes according to the data.


More rapid response and enhanced snippets

We all turn to Google for answers. In response to our queries Google displays the required information in the search results in the form of useful sites, videos, or information about activities, reports and other data.

The structured data markup can help sites become more visible on the search results pages. The markup helps search engines to better understand the content of the site, allowing you to issue this information in the most user-friendly way.

Suppose you are looking for a recipe. Google offers to issue a quick response (Rich Answers) on the request, and has further extended sites with relevant snippets of information request: reviews, ratings, preparation time, and information on the calories:

The volume of quick answers in the Google search results has increased almost twice from 2014 to 2016. If this trend continues, we will see, and large numbers in the coming years.

Using a structured markup can increase the chances of your site to take a more prominent place in the extradition.

The users enjoy quick access to the information they need, so be sure to think about a structured layout for the site in 2017, if you have not already done so.

Cross-Channel Marketing

At first glance, the cross-channel and multi-channel marketing are similar, but in fact they are very different from each other. Multichannel – is to establish the presence of your brand on more than one platform. Cross-channel means that you use multiple channels to promote their brand. For example, if users search for items in a mobile application, but do not dare to buy, you can “catch up” with their targeted advertisements.

As a result of the study of cross-channel marketing by Consultancy, 73% of respondents said that cross-channel marketing has a significant impact on increasing conversion. At the same time, it is effective only if you know your target audience and their consumer preferences. The main difficulties in dealing with cross-channel marketing are:

  • It sends a correct,
  • determining the right time to start,
  • Using the right channels.

Despite the widespread of mobile devices, cross-marketing channel is still at an early stage of development. However, the need for high-quality cross-channel marketing to grow the entire 2017.

The growth of mobile search

Mobile search is growing rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down in the future. Traffic distribution is changing in favor of mobile devices. Many sites are already receiving most of the traffic from mobile devices.

In May of 2015 Google reported that the number of searches from mobile devices has surpassed requests desktops. After that, the Internet giant has taken a lot of steps that indicate to us that it is smart phones, rather than desktop computer will be a basic user device. Google also recently announced the start of the experiment, in which the preference for indexing will be given to sites that are designed for mobile devices.

Optimizing your site for mobile devices is already an important point in SEO-strategy. In 2017, its importance will only grow.

Voice Search – the next big step

Voice Search as the technology has been developing for several years. He became one of the fastest growing search options, against which it is impossible to resist. It’s fast, comfortable and futuristic.

It is becoming less and less with every update error recognition technology requests. According to Google, for two years the number of such errors was reduced from 25 to 8% today.

The main purpose of voice search for 2017 will be even more accurate recognition and understanding of the voice queries based on the following points:

  • previous searches
  • accounting position,
  • keeping frequently used applications,
  • personalized information,
  • keyword research based on speech requests.

There is no doubt that the voice search – one of the most powerful digital-trends. Due to the active development of Siri, Google Now and Cortana, marketers need to carefully examine the innovation and take it into consideration in its strategy for 2017.


In 2017, many interesting things happen. People are becoming increasingly involved in the consumption of content. For marketers, it is important to take into account these trends, to be ready for future challenges.

5 online errors in ecommerce stores prices setting

Online retail is going through radical changes associated with active growth of the number of customers coming to offline channels, manufacturability of new players, increasing price transparency and market awareness of customers – all these factors have an enormous pressure on pricing business processes.

Over the past 5 years, the active use of the Internet has led to the fact that the buyer of the product have expanded choices for the optimal price, in his opinion. Distribution price playgrounds made easily accessible information about the price of a particular product, respectively, increased buyer sensitivity to price.

But the methods of calculating the basic prices and the revaluation of most retailers are not so quickly changed – they continue to be guided in their business obsolete knowledge.

According to the data 60% of buyers in 2016 made a purchase at your favorite retailer, because they considered it the optimal price. Looking at the statistics of consumer preferences, we can make a clear conclusion: the price was and still is the main factor that attracts audience.

These companies research say that more than 80% of online shoppers are now reviewing their approaches to pricing, because the old methods no longer work.

If you have not thought about it, here’s the bad news: making ill-conceived strategy of “surgical strikes” on the issue of pricing, the company runs the risk of making a lot of mistakes, which leads to irreversible changes in the perception of the brand, and lost profits.

We want to draw attention to the top-5 of failed decisions that must give pricing specialist.

Unsuccessful solution # 1: Ignore the price sensitivity of its audience in pricing

Buyer intuitively always determines what price he is willing to pay for the goods. For example, the client is ready to buy more expensive goods from well-known brand which he trusts, overpaying up to 2% of the user-defined price. But if the price of the goods interesting already above 5%, the value of the brand is eroded and no purchase will be made in this store. Moreover, the store loses not only the buyer at the moment, but also risks losing its confidence that it will be very difficult (expensive) to return.

The sensitivity threshold also depends on factors such as the elasticity of demand for a particular product, its category, the season, and the audience (consumer segment at a specific point of sales). For online store are also important sources of traffic (direct, organic, referral).

Shops who understand what it is advisable to set the margin to a certain group of products and properly calculate the price sensitivity of its audience in the end turn out to be more competitive in the retail market.

For more information about how to calculate the sensitivity of customers to price the channels to attract, groups of products, brands, visit here .

Price sensitivity is formed depending on the purchasing power of the audience, as well as in the store and for each category it is different, the perception of price is also determined depending on the involvement of channels.

Pricing Policy Store largely determines the price sensitivity of its audience.

If pricing specialist creates price without taking into account the price sensitivity of the core audience of his shop, and a specific category, there are two scenarios:

  1. If the price is higher than the perception of the customer value of the goods, it increases the time to return on investment in the commodity price store image falls.
  2. If the price is lower than the perception of the customer value of the product, sales are going well, but the company does in fact financially unprofitable deal, missed an opportunity to profit. It is also important that blurred the store brand value in the eyes of customers, since the longer the shop sells products with low prices without a strategy, the harder it is to return the premium.

The Company may decide to set prices for some goods below cost for a certain period. This solution takes only a Category Manager in the strategic interests of the company and only in relation to key products – “fishers of buyers.” However, to determine the successful store is always necessary to consider only two important variables: growth in sales and profit.

Unsuccessful solution # 2: Keep the price at the same level for a long time

Many companies mistakenly believe that the use of dynamic pricing will lead to customer dissatisfaction, so keep prices at the same level. Yes, indeed, a regular customer who makes a purchase only in your online store can now find items for one price, and already see another tomorrow. What outputs are companies that think strategically? They teach their customers and sales managers to the dynamic changes in prices.

How? With the use of dynamic pricing can increase the conversion of site thanks to the game components: the buyer is looking for the most advantageous offer, knowing that the price may change at any time. This encourages visitors to quickly make a purchase. Also help solve the problem of improving the service – systematic notification of customers about the money saving offers that appear after the price change.

It is also important to take into account the fact that 8 out of 10 customers from the core audience online stores often compared to the price of the goods interesting even with at least one store. Amazon Company reassesses the products by categories every 15 minutes. Large stores with a wide range need to react quickly to changes in competitors’ prices when pricing their own product categories in order to remain competitive. For niche goods stores revaluation speed often is even more important, since they are involved in a fierce price war.

pricing manager must accept the fact that in a volatile market, high competition, the proposed value of goods or services is changing, so hold the same level of prices for a long time leads to a situation when you have to sell stagnant for goods at prices warehouses, which do not give profit store.

Unsuccessful solution # 3: Apply discounts to attract buyers

Discounts are one of the most popular marketing methods among retailers. However, many stores often use discounts to somehow fill the gaps in the Privacy Policy.

On the part of the buyer’s offer discounts looks both attractive and repulsive. Problems arise from the misuse of discounts and customers, who are willing to part with money easily, and with customers, which is of fundamental importance for the low price.

Quality customer understand that the discount – it’s the easiest way to cater to their interests. For shopping, instead of improving service and take to win by careful attention to the needs of customers, offering discounts, selling at the expense of their profits.

The rest of the customers quickly becomes accustomed to low prices, as discounts form the buyer understated price expectations, which will be very difficult to overcome. You should always remember that the audience “discount hunters” worse responds to your other marketing campaigns and almost does not make spontaneous purchases.

Market leaders are trying to get rid of such an audience, to teach customers to make repeat purchases, promotions and discounts is formed only with the guarantee of the customer in the long term.

Unsuccessful solution # 4: Produce pricing manual control and without competition

In a highly competitive environment, changes in the price of your no doubt involve the reaction of other players in the market. Successful companies know everything about their competitors and make every step of predicting response.

Thus, these companies are prepared for the consequences, and may avoid price wars, protecting the profitability of the industry. However, in many companies pricing issue is resolved at the meetings of disaster. As a result – a hasty assessment of products or services, irregular reassessment and revision of the price management process. Present at these meetings often are not competent in the matter, and base their assumptions on the random case studies from practice, or what is worse on older competitor’s prices.

Data for the successful pricing are the result of research and measurement behavior of competitors in the market, as well as the calculation of the impact of their pricing policy for your sales. To make such an analysis in manual mode – a laborious and time-consuming process. Manual re-evaluation takes almost all the time, category manager – he cannot respond to the main challenges. In addition, this analyst is rapidly losing its relevance, given the rate of revaluation of the main competitors and the pace of market changes.

Failure decision # 5: Do not optimize the pricing process

Unfortunately, pricing strategy – the most neglected factor from those that significantly affect the company’s profitability.

The issue of quality of pricing in niche stores usually falls on the shoulders of category manager, in larger – it is the competence of pricing manager that is a specialist who has enough knowledge and time effective solutions.

The use of primitive procedures eventually leads to the fact that the store is missing the opportunity to increase turnover. In the best case, the company will keep its position and increase its revenue by expanding the product range. But frequently mentioned solutions adversely affect the gross profit.

In the top of the primitive procedures are such:

  • Pricing in manual mode;
  • definition of competitors on subjective views;
  • Ignoring the market impact of price deviations on the level of sales in the group category, the family goods.

“During our work, I noticed how much the change of pricing processes and presenting them at retail. If before the formation of prices was based on setting 2-3, now online shopping premeasured several times a day, based on the factors of 17-20. The scope of e-commerce is growing rapidly and the competition stream leaders are those who primarily understand what they are doing, they know how to collect and analyze the right information using quality resources.

Remember, the price – what most excites customers and forms the image of the price perception of the store. That is why the optimization of pricing processes can become a competitive advantage of the company that wants to increase profits and to unlock the full business potential in the highly competitive market.


The future of online Shopping in E commerce storefront

Every marketer or pricing manager at least once seriously thought about what would be the online retail in the future. Over the past few years, digital has changed the competition in e-commerce: the competitive advantage depends not so much on the product and the behavior of your competitors in the market, but on the experience that gets your customer together with the purchase. Welcome to the era of “Experience Economy”!

Today, digital – a parallel life of your buyer, its projection in the form of a separate mail accounts in social networks, search history on Google. This means that when deciding on purchasing a digital projection of your potential customer performs multi-channel travel network: compare prices, read reviews, browse ratings. And each of these points of contact affects the reputation of the online store, the perception and, ultimately, on users’ behavior.

At the same time, behavior and desires of customers are constantly changing and, therefore, e-commerce requires new approaches.

We have collected the main buying habits and user behavior characteristics, and compared them with the options of interaction and reactions online stores to help the latter to make a profit no matter what.

Advertising blindness

Consultancy examined the most important criterion of consumer experience “Digital-Aboriginal.” 58% of respondents believe that the key to success – understanding customer needs and offer the relevant experience and comfort in using a customer-oriented strategy. This concept is not new – excellent service consumers are perceived as a matter of course. But what is meant by client orientation? This term includes quality consumer experience that provides store for its audience. Only one store will get re-purchase, customer loyalty and profits that will accompany the buyer during the whole way – by reference to the stage “after purchase”, and back around.


– E-mails showing new products and preferred brands

– Mobile alerts focusing on user preferred products


– Product recommendations based on your search history and purchase history

– Website, advertising in social networks or mobile applications, banners, promote sales of preferred brands or product categories


– Support sales using data for cross- and up-sell

– “Last Chance” time-limited discounts on related products

After the purchase:

– Email-ranking queries on filling, writing a review, or a review for the product

– Follow-up article focused on how to use specific products


Influence the pricing strategy

Anticipate changes in consumer behavior is not easy, but it is fairly easy to predict that the emergence of new devices and applications is expanding the horizons of consumer experience. So any customer of your online store periodically “guests” at least one of your competitors. Loyalty based on the cliché ‘favorite online store “does not work anymore because of newly acquired habits of buyers” to compare and find the best price for the product. “Today, the buyer, while in the offline store can take a photo of the product of interest and looks for his (or analogs thereof) on the network, often – in several online stores at once

Another study PWC found that “60% of online shoppers are choosing your favorite online store because the price is optimal.” This is a big plus for retailers (through the price control marginality online store), because the “optimal” price – does not mean the lowest.

What is the optimal price? It is – in the current buyer’s psychological perception of the boundary between ” inadmissible cheap” and “prohibitively expensive”. Accordingly, pricing manager needs to get into the space between the borders and play simultaneously in two games: to provide high margins for the store in a highly competitive market environment, and earn customer loyalty, given their perception of the current price.


Automate pricing within the customer experience

Pricing online retail is gradually transformed to a format that online platforms such as Facebook Ads Platform – prices based on achieving various marketing purposes. Communication Future between online store and online buyer through price channel resembles the interface in which the buyer can choose all the product configuration or services which it expects to receive, and the online retailer, at the same time to set and achieve their own the KPI, where the price a significant part of the transaction process.

Today, e-commerce is moving toward the future: the most advanced players seek to understand the critical price range for each SKU or product group, and the price varies within the boundaries of the interval. . That is, buying a refrigerator for 21,500 p buyer is willing to pay a premium price of 0.5-1.2% (in other words – p 10000-2000.) But whether work is the same with the phone 6,500? Absolutely not. And if in this simple example is very easy to tell the difference, what to do if the store you need to understand the price range for the product category with hundreds or thousands of products?

The range of acceptable prices (from the point of view of the buyer) somehow built on the main store prices of competitors (in the perception of the buyer to affect the price the store’s reputation). To prepare for the compare prices from buyers, the manager of the online shop should be sufficient to use a simple algorithm:

  1. measure the impact of competitor prices in the sales of the product group’s own stores;
  2. find the critical level of prices at which the buyer refuses to make a purchase;
  3. To remain in the range of the most “optimal” and profitable prices.

Of course to do it manually to put it mildly, problematic – the slightest error in the table and formula … It is better to use one of the existing market of solutions, which provide automation of the process of revaluation of goods in the online store.

We need to choose a product that collects data on prices, the availability of products in stock and advertising campaigns of competitors, and, based on the data collected, to overestimate offers products in your store, according to pre-revaluation rules.

It is an automatic solution, whose actions are governed by the current business strategies can help your online store to provide an entirely new digital-consumer experience. And you, as the manager of the store, will benefit from the ensuing “Customers Era” and will always be one step ahead of the competition thanks to modern technology.

How to use social networks at every stage of the sales funnel

Social media marketing is differ from the usual marketing methods likes SEO and PPC. SMM not only meet the demand, but also to create it. In this article we will discuss how to effectively use the SMM at all levels of the sales funnel.

Reaching and engaging

The upper level of the funnel – is the formation of supply and to ensure maximum coverage of the target audience.  Social media marketing has the most ample opportunities for targeting among other tools available on the digital market. You can target your ads even competitors audience.

Interest based targeting works because you can use your competitor as the interest being targeted. If you type in a competitor name, Facebook is going to populate it with an audience that has expressed an interest in or liked pages related to that competitor. Then find the intersection and make retargeting specifically to those users. The cost of the transition will turn up, but traffic will be more targeted and the conversion may also be higher.

Employing targeted advertising, sowing in thematic communities, worked with celebrities and bloggers, you reach the maximum possible number of users who match your target audience. This is a higher-level hopper.

What track: overall coverage, views and user visits?


Among all the surveyed users will be those who are interested in your product or service and who clicked on the ad. Such users can be divided into those as soon as possible ready to make a purchase, and those who are not yet ripe for it.

The first category – it is hot, the conversion audience. Bring it is not difficult, if you just send users to selling Landing or landing page on the site, where they can leave the application or to make a purchase. Another option – to bring a client into the group, where he will be able to consult on emerging issues. It is advisable to do when the product or service is complex and expensive.

The second category – people who are potentially interested in your product / service, but not yet ready to make a purchase. They must first be motivated to join the group. To this end, it is important to:

According to the community once it was clear what benefits it can bring and what you can find there. This will help the creation of menus and the use of short enticing slogan. For example, if we want to promote the group, where you can buy elite tea of some well-known brand, format suitable slogan “brand name – your online boutique of elite tea.” Immediately clear that the group is devoted to tea, he elite and popular, and that you can buy right here and now;

To the shares in the group were published. Perhaps now the user is a pity to spend money on a product / service, but if there is an appropriate action, he buys it. And with a group of the subscriber does not have all the time to visit the site and check the best deals – when they are published (and you promote such positions), he will see it in your stream or in an advertising block;

 that the community was an interesting and popular content Note that the user will not be far scroll down, he will evaluate the positions in the first couple of spins and the number of likes, comments and repost them;

To entry created a feeling of privilege. To do this, you can give bonuses and discounts for subscribing to a group, free samples, and hold contests for the participants, and soon.

What track: transitions from advertising, targeted action (entry, application and sales – more on that below), the rate of involvement (ER * must not be lower than 0.3%).

* ER (engagement rate) – the degree of involvement, showing the percentage of the community that are active in the publications (huskies, repost, comments).



If the client has matured not because of some kind of action by clicking on the direct link in your post, and just like that (for example, he had a real need, and he has made a choice in your favor, because the brand is constantly on the mind and warmed up interest in its proposal), it is unlikely that will take it into account in the conversion, you think on social networks.

Due to the fact that the majority of sales has delayed effect, to assess the impact of all SMM them practically impossible (hence the myth that sales through SMM is not). But, of course, monitor the effectiveness of the channel at this stage is necessary. Opportunities to do so are growing along with the expansion of social networks advertising formats. So with Facebook and Instagram («Classmates” I do not consider, since they have a relatively modest advertising potential) are constantly working on the implementation of the conversion elements.



If the client has matured not because of some kind of action by clicking on the direct link in your post, and just like that (for example, he had a real need, and he has made a choice in your favor, because the brand is constantly on the mind and warmed up interest in its proposal), it is unlikely that will take it into account in the conversion, you think on social networks.

Due to the fact that the majority of sales has delayed effect, to assess the impact of all SMM them practically impossible (hence the myth that sales through SMM is not). But, of course, monitor the effectiveness of the channel at this stage is necessary. Opportunities to do so are growing along with the expansion of social networks advertising formats. So, with Facebook and Instagram («Classmates” I do not consider, since they have a relatively modest advertising potential) are constantly working on the implementation of the conversion elements.


This post format, containing the key to the target action. Right on to the Facebook page (even without entering into an advertising office), we see the number of surveyed users and the number of people who clicked on the link.

What track: Transitions and displays targeted advertising, and conversion of leads are sales (via wired to each tags and the correct settings in the statistical systems of objectives), cost per customer.


Work with a reputation

It is difficult to relate this point to any particular stage – increase brand loyalty runs through the entire sales funnel. Your customers are divided, again, roughly into two general types: those who remain satisfied or neutral (on consumer behavior in the community, I joined them in roughly the same category), and those who have a claim. Let’s look at both groups.

Customer satisfied or neutral. Even if the client was satisfied with the purchase, it is likely that he from the group, as was everything you need to select a product / service. But it is possible to keep the content interesting and the opportunity to “live” in a comfortable environment – that is, get in the community after-sales service.

A striking example of such cooperation – a group of car dealers. If they carry out not only pre-sales consulting, but also provide support after can be formed around the brand loyal and active community. The buyer will be sure to you, if he does not have to because every extra sound from under the hood to run dealership consult with the master. People who are constantly online, it is much easier to describe your problem directly in the community and know that it will respond to them quickly.

The customer is dissatisfied. Because he already knows about your group, with high probability it will be the first place where he will go to ask questions or express their negativity. And it’s a great opportunity to find out what actually care about your client.

Many companies consider it a minus, because in this case the bulk of the negative will be concentrated in one place. But do not be afraid. A situation where the claim is not – it is a utopia. And users can also understand this: the complete absence of negative reviews more suspicious than trust. For subscribers and occasional visitors importantly, how quickly you respond to negative.

Often there are situations when immediately after handling user gone to private messages. I cannot say that it is completely the right approach. For the specialist it is important to consider each case individually and some situations in public. Agree, if every call displeased him gone in personal correspondence, all the rest is a feeling that from them something to conceal.

It may sound corny, but in conflict situations importantly sincerely empathize with the client in his problem and try to come to a compromise. Caring about customers will not only help keep valuable audience, but also to increase its brand loyalty. Ignoring this simple rule, you automatically reduce the effectiveness of their SMM.


What to monitor: the value is not so much the number of negative and positive in the group, as their ratio. For the “positive” group portrait is desirable that the positive reviews were about two-thirds.

But in reality, such a situation – a rarity, because consumers are more willing to express negative than positive experience sharing. Therefore, over the positive image should always work: time to respond to the negative and to neutralize it, to encourage customers to leave a positive opinion, to raise brand advocates.

Hold and return

To learn how to motivate repeat purchases a group of subscribers, we have already talked (to work with them on, to advise, and assist). And how to make so that consumers who do not yet know about the existence of your community (or did not want to immediately enter into it) still were in it?

It is very important synergy advertising offline and online. When buying, you should inform your customers that you have a group in social networks, where you can get the most relevant, useful and interesting information. In any POS-materials and documents (price lists, warranty documents, etc.) it is important to insert the QR-code, hashtags, or references to your group.

In addition to these measures, and hold back potential customers will help to retargeting visitors and customer base (by id users, e-mail, and telephone numbers).


SMM – one of the most versatile tools in the hands of online marketers, the possibility of which in practice greatly underestimated. With the help of social networks can not only create, but also to meet the demand, attract the targeted users, constantly be in touch with their audience and to work with a reputation.

Of course, the SMM is not a panacea in itself a channel in the short term will not give sales commensurate with the context and SEO. But in combination with other tools of his clever use can significantly reduce the cost of customer acquisition and return on online marketing in general.

Voice Search: the future of search engine optimization

From the point of search engine optimization voice search queries do not get much attention. Internet users have traditionally preferred to type your query in the search bar, in order to avoid errors.

However, speech recognition technology is becoming more accurate and reliable, and can seriously affect the future development of search algorithms

Voice Search now

There are several types of voice search functions available to date. Google is offered the first voice search function, users can access it using the microphone icon however, inconspicuously located on the site that it rarely pay attention.

With this convenient feature, users not need to type anything by saying your search query loud out to run the search process.


In addition, voice search exists in a virtual personal assistant like Siri application used in Apple products. Over the past few years significantly complicated the application functionality, and now Siri can not the only voice search for the network, but also help users to organize tasks and to store information.

By Google data, as of now 55% of children and 40% of adults are using voice search. This number of users even with a stretch be called by an overwhelming majority, but the figures clearly increased compared to what we saw five years ago.

Essential features voice search

User intentions that accesses the voice search is usually different from the user’s intentions, applying traditional search. Similarly, although the same basic algorithm for both voice and for traditional search, there are certain types of queries with which it is most often associated voice search. Understanding these differences will help you prepare for the needs of the audience, preferring to use voice search, and adjust your strategy.

Keywords losing ground

Google is constantly working to reduce the importance of keywords, because too many search engine marketers interested in optimizing their excessive content, and few webmasters pay attention to the creation of content that would be useful to ordinary users. The update of Panda algorithm, the implementation of which began in 2011, it has struggled with this approach. From SERPs gradually excluded results based only on relevant keywords, preference was given to more sophisticated methods of filling the pages of issue relevant results.

With the introduction of voice search keywords continue to lose relevance. Instead of typing in a search string a few words, the user pronounces the request entirely, usually using the phone’s microphone. Of course, this method involves the use of natural spoken language, whereby there are unique and various queries. In processing such requests, search engines no longer need to rely on keywords, instead, preference is given to sites with content that matches the user’s request.

The significance of semantic search


Hummingbird algorithm Update which appeared in 2013, brought a new element to the world of search engines – semantic context. Unlike keyword search and contextual search, which was originally proposed by Google, semantic search technology involves analysis of the language in terms of its natural use, ie recognition not of the search query, and its meaning. It may seem that there is no big difference, but for search marketing professionals implications were staggering.

Semantic search has become one of the last nails in the coffin of search engine optimization, which is based only on keywords. Preference is now given to those sites that provide ready-made answers to frequently asked questions or offer solutions to common problems. After a successful search – it ultimately determining that the user needs, and the provision of relevant information. For search engine marketers, this means creating content for niche topics and the use of the texts long key phrases written in a natural spoken language.

In the future, voice search will increase the importance of semantic search in the first place because the users will use a conversational style to enter search queries. Queries will find an interactive form, and search assistants like Siri will be able to join in the conversation, to support such a dialogue.

There is a growing need for operational search

the days are gon when the Internet search has been possible only in specially designated areas. Now we can perform a search at any time in any place practically without delay. On the use of mobile devices to text input is inconvenient because of the small screen, in addition, they are often used on the move, so the voice search is becoming an increasingly popular choice of users on the move. Users that access the voice search, are usually looking for something that will help meet their immediate needs, such as:

  • Find the nearest restaurant, shop, etc.
  • Get practical advice and guidance.
  • Promptly obtain information on specific dates or figures.

This means that the increase in voice search can match the growth in demand for content that provides ready answers to questions or offering prompt solution.

What awaits us in the future?

It is difficult to say how many technological advances in the field of voice search is waiting for us in the near future. Just a few years of voice search technology may well become much more advanced and widespread than it is now, and become a priority way to search for the most people. Permanent work on the development of Apple Siri application and development of miniature mobile devices such as the Apple Watch the clock, shows that the future belongs to integrated contactless solutions.

Although it is impossible to predict all the features voice search, it can be assumed that its basic principles will continue to evolve in the same direction: the key words will lose its significance, semantic search will receive priority, people will use voice search to address urgent short-term problems.

Most likely, some of the features voice search will change so as to analyze user needs and provide immediate answers ready, rather than generate long pages of search results, as it does now. Google Knowledge Base (Knowledge Graph) now points to this and all decreasing in size mobile devices like watches Apple Watch, obviously, would benefit from the SERPs in a “question and answer” format. If the development is really going in this way, search engine optimization as the industry continues to evolve rapidly.

What can be done now?

Assume that search engine optimization will still be vital over the next few years if you want to attract that part of the audience that uses voice search, make a few additions to its current strategy:

  • Build more content, giving ready answers to questions. Offer users a very specific information, preferably in the form of questions and answers, such as “how to change the oil in the mower” or “how to choose the microwave.”
  • Forget about the keywords. Instead of thinking about the higher positions in the search results, focus your attention on the fact that it is to offer information to users on those topics in which they are most interested.
  • Start the online forum. With it, you will be able to stimulate the natural dialogues and exchanges, so that will increase the value of your site in terms of semantic search and natural way will be the theme (again, in the “question and answer” format), in search of which users will come to your website .

Follow the evolution of voice search technology! Perhaps its development will determine the future of online searching.

5 post-conversion strategies to increase customer loyalty

The conversion should not be random. Once you have provided a basic level, you need to increase its performance (preferably – not allowing these errors).

Marketers tend to spend too much time to attract buyers rather than to keep them. While it may seem that the work on customer retention lies on the shoulders of support, wise marketers understand that these areas are closely related.

For business growth with disabilities simply not enough – they must be of high quality and represent a solid basis for relations, revolves, bringing business profit after the first sale.

In other words, marketers must continually optimize for the formation of “customer lifetime value” (hereinafter – SLV).

This does not mean that you necessarily have to raise prices by reducing the cost of the measure to attract one customer or to offer new services. Sometimes improvement CLV level is reduced to optimize the already existing systems – from the sales funnel, and ending support.

We are talking about the post-conversion methods!

The optimum conversion rate is expressed in the fact that customers are investing in your business is your time, trust and money, so they are more likely to buy your product again.

Here’sa 5 post-conversion strategies for the development of “lifetime customer value” that can be applied today.

  1. Focus on the customer

Marketer’s job does not end after reaching the level of the basic conversion. After buying the quality of leads you need to ensure the well-functioning of the system and turn customers into repeat customers.

In a study called Zendesk customers quality products / services (88%) and customer support (72%) for two main reasons loyalty of regular customers.

The importance of quality has not become a surprise for us, but the emphasis on working with the client is very interesting: it is rarely noted as a fundamental principle in the development of consumer loyalty and CLV.

HubSpot offers an excellent example of how to work with the client affects the CLV. After the evaluation of customer satisfaction could halve consumer churn rate and double the lifetime commitment to customers all over the year.

After assessing customer satisfaction services, HubSpot increased CLV (orange line) to 215% in 15 months.

Improving the level of commitment to customers is realized in meeting the needs of your customers and the manifestation of your careful attitude toward them. Even the best product will not provide customer constancy in the world, if the company belongs to them bad.

What can you do to improve your customer service?

Here, your options are almost limitless.

As you yourself have noted a good level of work with the client, think about how you can use it for your company to optimize the conversion of the long-term? Can you offer a free upgrade? Is it possible to call the customer and see how he is pleased with the product?

All that shows makismum your efforts in improving the lives of your customers will inevitably increase the level of commitment to customers.

An excellent level of customer support will provide you with repeat purchases.

  1. Exceed expectations unexpected surprises

Before we acquire something, a special section of the brain called the pleasure center, strengthens the nervous excitement. This reaction makes us feel pleasure, because in this part of the brain is a lot of dopamine receptors that make us happy to look forward to the event.

Dopamine receptors in the pleasure center makes us happy to wait for the event, for example, if we’re going to buy something.

However, once we buy something, we begin to feel different forms of cognitive dissonance – usually in the form of the syndrome of repentance, which is expressed in the reduction of consumer power and the valuation of the alternative possibility of the goods that we just bought.

Currently dissonance can apply force exceeding expectations, to increase the level of endorphins in customers and make them happy again.

An example of how surpassing expectations help in increasing conversion

An example from the sphere of the music business: (a client with which a lot of time and money in the studio to create a suitable package of services has been spent).

Once a customer buys the package, he was offered the opportunity to receive additional free products at $ 100 a repost on Facebook. This action resulted in 250 Fortress, which provided 34 extra transaction within 5 days (on how to increase the number of Fortress – link).

Please share information about customer buying Facebook turned 34 transactions, which brought more than $ 2000 of income for 5 days.

Admission appeal to the buyer with an unexpected bonus at a time when he could feel the cognitive dissonance it possible to completely avoid the return of the goods and get informed audience.

Also, this method increased the conversion rate of other traffic sources from 5.6% to 8.3%.

This is due to the fact that the selling page, demonstrated real-world examples, together with a call to action. The more people share information about purchasing, the more popular it became the very sentence among the potential buyers.

How to exceed the expectations of your marketing campaign?

How to feel your customers immediately after the payment of your product or service? The major role played by the price to your customers, the more they tend to feel the various forms of cognitive dissonance.

Is there any available means by which you can surprise your customers?

Moreover, if you can use this opportunity to the maximum to get their clients to advertise your product, while increasing the level of CLV and reducing the cost of the measure to attract customers?

Constantly surprise customers added value, and they will thank you profusely.

  1. Increase the volume of purchases for an additional cost

If you ever have booked plane tickets via the Internet, you are familiar with the principles of increasing the volume of purchases and cross-selling.

According to a survey of 176 airlines, which conducted Amadeus IT Group, airlines receive more than $ 36 billion from the increase in purchasing volume, which is to sell the additional baggage weight, high level of comfort seats and goods on board.

To book a ticket on Jetstar website, you will have to give up 19 different additional suggestions, techniques and cross-selling value-added products.

Why is this a favorite tactic of the airlines works so well?

The first reason is to increase the efficiency of the purchase volume: the “default”

The TED program of lectures behavioral economist Dan Ariel explained the psychological connotations of the process of increasing the volume of purchases and an additional cost. One of the key components was the “power on default settings.”

The diagram represents the consent of the inhabitants of different countries to become donors in the event of death.

Why the Danes, the Dutch, the British and the Germans (the country with the yellow indicator) do not want to give their bodies to organ donation? It was found that they were not included in the default polling. And the inhabitants of these countries need to further select them for voting.

You can also see the effect of increasing the purchase volume during the acquisition of the domain name: you’ll notice that the email address and security measures are added to the package by default services. You need to think and decide to abandon this option if you do not need.

Pretty simple, right? And this is only part of the strategy.

The second reason is to increase the efficiency of the volume of purchase: price fixing

Another psychological aspect in increasing the purchase volume lies in fixing prices. If you just paid $ 500 for a plane ticket, you will seem insignificant to pay an extra $ 10 for entertainment on board.

But if you are already on board and you have $ 10 in cash, you will seem quite expensive to pay $ 10 for an hour watching a movie.

People are hard to assess the value of the products at their actual price. Instead, we will give a good estimate of the relative.

How to increase the purchase volume in your marketing campaigns?

So, if you want to effectively increase the volume of purchases, nobhodimosti:

  • Take into account, the volume of the product, you can increase the default.
  • Think about how your customers evaluate your decision? On what standards they are oriented to solve, you offer cheap or expensive? How can you influence it?

What guided your potential customers thinking about the price of your product? Can you differently formalize its proposal?

  1. Use an automated marketing to increase conversion

For 2 years the cost of the marketing automation industry increased from 500 million to 1.2 billion. One of the key secrets of this growth was the impact of marketing automation to measure CLV.

When switched to the service Skullcandy Adobe Marketing Cloud, they increased profits from additional sales by 30%. Ben Meacham, their analytics and testing manager explains this increase as follows:

“Go with the recommendations of the manual, on the Adobe recommendation system increased revenue from additional sales by 30%. Moreover, it saves us time. Optimization recommendations take up to 10 hours a week. Now we are only half an hour we spend on it. ”

There are several reasons why marketing automation has great potential, but, in fact, they are reduced to simplify the marketing personalization.

Here is a simple formula:

The more personalized marketing company, the more relevant. What is more relevant is the proposal to a potential client, the greater the chance of conversion and the potential profits from the customer.

marketing automation example in action:

Consider an excellent example of a company for sending wedding invitations PaperStyle.

The company has divided the visitors to the bride and bridesmaid, so they did to make the procedure for distribution throughout the period of preparation for the wedding by selling additional products at the right time.

This level of personalization has increased revenues by a mailing to 330%.

How to use an automated marketing to increase the constant commitment to customer?

Make a similar scheme, to determine what your customers may need at different times. This approach immediately transform your relationship with clients from a random event in a long history.

Thus, you can plan the newsletter, which will offer additional products and services at different time stages, which will be based on calls to action, such as visiting a specific page or click on the button.

  1. Collect the feedback to improve the product

For many companies, reviews bring greater value than profits in the short term. But only a small part of the company collects them specifically.

When a few years ago was launched MusicLawContracts.com, it was difficult to understand why so many returns. After you install the chat Olark all became clear – customers thought acquire a valid contract with the record companies … .For $ 19.99!

A pop-up window in the lower right corner helped to determine why so frequent were the refund claim.

In fact, the site offers sample contracts in the music industry. By adding the word, site owners critically reduced requests for a refund. Try to get feedback from all customers before and after the conversion!

Although this is a prime example, tell another story about the Disney website.

Disney site development team could not understand why children create very long passwords of 40 or more characters. They really thought that their results in the online games are compromised by international hackers?

As it turned out, the children have misunderstood the instructions: “password must contain at least 6 characters”, they thought that the password must contain at least 6 characters Disney name!

The main idea of ​​this story is this: do your customers talk about your business, what you do not know.The more information you gather, the more it will be easier to improve the campaign and to find new ways to meet customer needs.

Allow your customers to tell you how you should improve them for their products.


Marketers are responsible for the development of the project at every stage of the customer life – including the period after the conversion of the base. If you pay attention to the customer experience after the conversion, you will get a lot of information for important changes to the ongoing commitment of buyers and, again, a lot of opportunities to optimize conversion.

The first step will be to increase CLV measurement of the indicator in the figures.

As Tony Robbins said: “Where we pay your attention, energy flows, and there are results.” Without careful measurement of the level of lifetime customer value (CLV), it is impossible to improve.

Now, the experiments! Experiments with an increase in volume and the amount of the purchase, marketing and personalization of all the other tips in this article. Something happens, and something there – you just have to try!



Why is a good unique content to die?

In a recent edition of Whiteboard Friday Rand Fishkin explained why his expression sick of “good unique content.” According to him, a good unique content is not enough to deserve a place of honor in the SERP. So, what we should strive – content is 10 times better than the best result in the issue. I translated this release, so read in Russian, how to make the best content in your industry and that it is a means. I think, in runet it is not as difficult high bar – this is a game for the long term, so apply soon.


This week we will talk about the most problematic things in the SEO world for me – is the phrase “good unique content.” Let me explain why I was so much concerned. I get a lot of letters, hear at conferences and meetings, as the guys from my industry say, “Hey, we have created a good unique content, but it seems not very good progress in the search engines.” A good unique content not pass in SEO and is not a magic wand for ranking.



Panda implies that quality content that will throw you out of the ranking, because your content is scanty and useless.

Then you go up a little higher. It is as if 4 out of 5 users found your content is pretty bad and clicked on the “back” button. But perhaps one in five think: “Well, it’s true, it solves my main problem.”

Then you climb even higher level. This level – good unique content that a lot of guys think the ultimate goal. It is as if the readers were told: “Hey, it’s quite useful. This corresponds to a search query, it is different from the rest of the content on the Web. ” You do not feel sick when you read it. Pretty good, huh? A good unique content.

The problem is that almost anyone can make a good unique content. Honestly – it’s not such a high standard. But if you think that a good enough unique content to rank, you will encounter a barrier. What I see? I can see how guys look at the issue in its industry. For example, you are working in the field of travel. You do a search in different countries, see the recommendations of hotels and relevant articles. And then you decide that you need to do something that will be as good, what you just saw, or almost as good. Well, ok, so you will be ranked. A good unique content.

But, in my opinion, the minimum bar for SEO today – a step above – must be the best in the issue. If you can not say: “We – the best result in the issue”, – you do not have a chance to be ranked. Now much more difficult to reach the top 10 on the first page, the second than in the past. It has become much more ranking factors and many more sites that have advanced in the search engines for the last 5, 10, 15 years. You’ll have to beat them.

Seriously, when we are preparing to release content, I expect that our content will be x10 – 10 times better than anything I could find in the issue today. If I’m not sure we can do it, I’m not even going to try to optimize the content according to keywords. I will make only the content in those areas where, as I’m sure I can do something, which is 10 times better than the best result in the issue.


Why is that? What has changed in recent years? In fact, a lot of things.

The user experience has become much more important for search engine algorithms. Some things, such as hopping from site back to the search, which we discussed earlier here in WhiteBoard Friday, directly affect the ranking. There are things that affect indirectly – the links that you have earned. Google also takes care about site speed, an adaptability to different devices of all other such things.

Zasluzhivanie links (earning links) prevailed on getting links (link building). Previously, it was enough to roll out the page and type a reference to it. Now it is not so, because Google has become more selective in the references. You do not just earn quality links and earn their time, but also not to use the links that Google does not endorse and for which he can punish you. It is almost impossible to earn links, simply creating a good unique content. If you can find a better content, then why should it be to link to you?

The growth of content marketing over the past 5-6 years, means that competition has become very high. This area is used much more intensively than before, and more and more people are trying to achieve increasingly high bar.

And, as a result of all this, users expectations have become simply crazy. Members expect that the page will load quickly even on a mobile device with poor connection. They expect that the page will look beautiful. They want to get the answer to your question immediately. Due to the quality of the search, which allows us to Google, the quality of such sites as Facebook, our brain is always waiting for a very fast and very high-quality results.


Well, all of these changes require an established process. The process is necessary in order to select the content and understand how to make x10 content – not a good unique content – content and x10. The process that I use may not be unique, but you can use it too, if you find it valuable.

For example, I’m looking for accommodation in Costa Rica as a vacation option in the future. I look at the top 10 results in the issue, and perhaps to those articles, which most users shared in social networks.


– What questions are answered articles from issuance?

– What to read these articles: download speed, reading from a mobile, display, design, what is required from the user to get information – all at once on the page, or I have to do extra clicks? Are there problems in finding information?

– As far as detailed information? Is it enough to her?

– How to use visual content? The visual content can take place among the best x10 content, if it is done correctly. Therefore, I draw attention to the visual content.

– The quality of writing.

– I look at the information and data. Where they were taken? What’s the source of the information used? How much does it mean to me?

– What types of information used in the article? What types of information are not used?

In fact, I love to wonder, “What’s not enough?”

From this I can identify strengths and weaknesses of those whose many articles sharing on social networks, whose articles are well ranked, and the difference between them and me.That way I can be 10 times better than the best results in the issue.

If you use such a process and to reach such quality content, you are fired into a search engine. But it requires effort. Look at the chart above efforts axis. Do you use the services of freelancers – are covered by Pandu. Your intern wrote the article – you get content that 4 out of 5 users will find useless. Efforts like “it will take off” will bring a good unique content. And the effort that cannot be overemphasized – your superpower.

When your competitors look and say, “Hey, for content such as this one, have too much power, we cannot keep this bar” – that’s when you have a competitive advantage. You do something, for what cannot keep up with your competitors. This is a huge advantage in the search, in social networks, the Web as a whole.