Yahoo is shutting down Maps and Pipes


Yahoo is going to stop down a number of products in the near future, according to the search report. In after eight years, Yahoo Maps will spot down in this month. So the company will continue to support Yahoo Maps has its own search results. As Yahoo standard and overall they offerings, the GeoPlanet and Places potter APIs will be retired during the third quarter of this year; information on moving them from one to another through Yahoo Query Language.

In priority to focus on digital magazines Yahoo will discontinue several areas, genre specific media properties such as Yahoo Music in France and Canada; and Movies in Spain.      It Entertaining the Singapore and both Yahoo Music and Autos in the U.K., France, Germany and Spain. In addition, Yahoo Philippines will stop down and redirect to the Yahoo Singapore homepage.

That’s Yahoo isn’t stopping down its mail system the company will stop supporting Yahoo Mail on older likes phones. From on June 15 the Yahoo Mail will only be supported on the built-in email app for iOS 5 and later versions. Same as the same day, Yahoo Contacts will stop syncing for Mac operating systems. Later this summer, Yahoo will also stop supporting all connections, an application that cluster the information from various places and then publishes it depending on users’ requirements.

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