Why is a good unique content to die?

In a recent edition of Whiteboard Friday Rand Fishkin explained why his expression sick of “good unique content.” According to him, a good unique content is not enough to deserve a place of honor in the SERP. So, what we should strive – content is 10 times better than the best result in the issue. I translated this release, so read in Russian, how to make the best content in your industry and that it is a means. I think, in runet it is not as difficult high bar – this is a game for the long term, so apply soon.


This week we will talk about the most problematic things in the SEO world for me – is the phrase “good unique content.” Let me explain why I was so much concerned. I get a lot of letters, hear at conferences and meetings, as the guys from my industry say, “Hey, we have created a good unique content, but it seems not very good progress in the search engines.” A good unique content not pass in SEO and is not a magic wand for ranking.



Panda implies that quality content that will throw you out of the ranking, because your content is scanty and useless.

Then you go up a little higher. It is as if 4 out of 5 users found your content is pretty bad and clicked on the “back” button. But perhaps one in five think: “Well, it’s true, it solves my main problem.”

Then you climb even higher level. This level – good unique content that a lot of guys think the ultimate goal. It is as if the readers were told: “Hey, it’s quite useful. This corresponds to a search query, it is different from the rest of the content on the Web. ” You do not feel sick when you read it. Pretty good, huh? A good unique content.

The problem is that almost anyone can make a good unique content. Honestly – it’s not such a high standard. But if you think that a good enough unique content to rank, you will encounter a barrier. What I see? I can see how guys look at the issue in its industry. For example, you are working in the field of travel. You do a search in different countries, see the recommendations of hotels and relevant articles. And then you decide that you need to do something that will be as good, what you just saw, or almost as good. Well, ok, so you will be ranked. A good unique content.

But, in my opinion, the minimum bar for SEO today – a step above – must be the best in the issue. If you can not say: “We – the best result in the issue”, – you do not have a chance to be ranked. Now much more difficult to reach the top 10 on the first page, the second than in the past. It has become much more ranking factors and many more sites that have advanced in the search engines for the last 5, 10, 15 years. You’ll have to beat them.

Seriously, when we are preparing to release content, I expect that our content will be x10 – 10 times better than anything I could find in the issue today. If I’m not sure we can do it, I’m not even going to try to optimize the content according to keywords. I will make only the content in those areas where, as I’m sure I can do something, which is 10 times better than the best result in the issue.


Why is that? What has changed in recent years? In fact, a lot of things.

The user experience has become much more important for search engine algorithms. Some things, such as hopping from site back to the search, which we discussed earlier here in WhiteBoard Friday, directly affect the ranking. There are things that affect indirectly – the links that you have earned. Google also takes care about site speed, an adaptability to different devices of all other such things.

Zasluzhivanie links (earning links) prevailed on getting links (link building). Previously, it was enough to roll out the page and type a reference to it. Now it is not so, because Google has become more selective in the references. You do not just earn quality links and earn their time, but also not to use the links that Google does not endorse and for which he can punish you. It is almost impossible to earn links, simply creating a good unique content. If you can find a better content, then why should it be to link to you?

The growth of content marketing over the past 5-6 years, means that competition has become very high. This area is used much more intensively than before, and more and more people are trying to achieve increasingly high bar.

And, as a result of all this, users expectations have become simply crazy. Members expect that the page will load quickly even on a mobile device with poor connection. They expect that the page will look beautiful. They want to get the answer to your question immediately. Due to the quality of the search, which allows us to Google, the quality of such sites as Facebook, our brain is always waiting for a very fast and very high-quality results.


Well, all of these changes require an established process. The process is necessary in order to select the content and understand how to make x10 content – not a good unique content – content and x10. The process that I use may not be unique, but you can use it too, if you find it valuable.

For example, I’m looking for accommodation in Costa Rica as a vacation option in the future. I look at the top 10 results in the issue, and perhaps to those articles, which most users shared in social networks.


– What questions are answered articles from issuance?

– What to read these articles: download speed, reading from a mobile, display, design, what is required from the user to get information – all at once on the page, or I have to do extra clicks? Are there problems in finding information?

– As far as detailed information? Is it enough to her?

– How to use visual content? The visual content can take place among the best x10 content, if it is done correctly. Therefore, I draw attention to the visual content.

– The quality of writing.

– I look at the information and data. Where they were taken? What’s the source of the information used? How much does it mean to me?

– What types of information used in the article? What types of information are not used?

In fact, I love to wonder, “What’s not enough?”

From this I can identify strengths and weaknesses of those whose many articles sharing on social networks, whose articles are well ranked, and the difference between them and me.That way I can be 10 times better than the best results in the issue.

If you use such a process and to reach such quality content, you are fired into a search engine. But it requires effort. Look at the chart above efforts axis. Do you use the services of freelancers – are covered by Pandu. Your intern wrote the article – you get content that 4 out of 5 users will find useless. Efforts like “it will take off” will bring a good unique content. And the effort that cannot be overemphasized – your superpower.

When your competitors look and say, “Hey, for content such as this one, have too much power, we cannot keep this bar” – that’s when you have a competitive advantage. You do something, for what cannot keep up with your competitors. This is a huge advantage in the search, in social networks, the Web as a whole.

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