Ultimate Trends Collection for 2015: Ecommerce, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO and Web Design

E–commerce Power conversion: eCommerce Trends and Predictions for 2015 Vend University: 12 Retail Trends and Predictions for 2015. Forbes: How Influencer Marketing Will Change In 2015 Content Marketing Momentology: Video Marketing Trends for 2015: Insights And Predictions From 15 Experts Reach Local: 12 Small Business Marketing Predictions for 2015 from the Experts Clikz: The Year in […]

TOP 5 Alternative Web Design Tools 2015

Photoshop is no longer one stop solution for designers, the plenty of software’s are now in the Market and it allows to complete the work phase faster at budget price. Here we have listed top 5 Tools PIXATE www.pixate.com Pixate empowers you to create sophisticated animations and interactions that come to life on 100% real, […]

Complete Guide to Relaunch a Website with Responsive Design

A website for all devices: Responsive Web Design A responsive site – a site that goes along – adapts to the device being used. It is in this case mainly the available screen space meant. Depending on whether you visit the site on your smartphone small, the 5 “ham, selection of a 7 or 10” tablet, […]

Web Design Mechanism to Build Perfect Website

In the last two decades internet has changed the overall life behavior. Website dominates the communication, business and being a powerful resource to find product, service and relevant information’s. So we are stepping to explain the 10 common mechanism you need to follow to build an efficient website for any kind. 5 Seconds Communication Test: […]