Internet Usage In 2018 will be raised to 28 Million in Rural Areas

In the Mumbai countryside, the Internet application will be five times higher in the 2018, it increases to 28 million Boston Consulting Group, and the group published a thesis in detail.  In India, the 2018 year, 55 million people will use the Internet. In addition, 28 million people, who are from small towns and rural areas?

The number of these, in 2014 it is six million. In India all the system are increasing use of the Internet by mobile phone. This applies to the urban and rural populations like Small cities, towns, and 70 per cent used by mobile phone and they will surf the Internet. They are buying different items through the web site has been increasing. Women have been using the Internet too much. Thus, in 2013, internets use 25 percent from the contribution of women, who is in 2018, an increase of 33 percent. In India 44 percent of families in the heart of the administration’s hand, they development is possible. According to people’s income, the number of connections is there in Internet while increasing in 2014, 20 million people using the mobile phone for the Internet.

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