5 post-conversion strategies to increase customer loyalty

The conversion should not be random. Once you have provided a basic level, you need to increase its performance (preferably – not allowing these errors). Marketers tend to spend too much time to attract buyers rather than to keep them. While it may seem that the work on customer retention lies on the shoulders of […]

How to create a multilingual website from an SEO perspective

The vast majority of SEO in Internet advice applies to websites in English with an emphasis on the United States. England and Australia can give some advice on the regional promotion, but the fact remains, advice on promotion of multilingual and foreign websites are very few. Peace, and in particular for Internet becomes international. Your site may […]

HTML5 APIs in use: User velocities measured with timing and navigation timing

Measuring precisely by User Timing API With the user-timing-API, it is possible to measure the speed between several previously defined points within a Web application. These each have a start and an end point for the measurement must be specified. These can be located anywhere within a script. The JavaScript object “performance” has several methods […]

Learn to Start websites on mobile devices as native apps

Native apps for smartphones and tablets are still popular, but not always necessary. Much can be implemented as a web application with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Thanks corresponding JavaScript APIs you have, for example, access to the orientation sensor and can also recognize gestures and react accordingly. The WebApp manifesto, it is also possible to […]