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55 Content Ideas for Social Networks

  1. Do not neglect the opinion of subscribers. Find out about the subscribers of your page / group about your services or products;
  2. Share links to interesting sites and pages (preferably thematic);
  3. Use the quotation. Many users are willing to use them as a status on their page;
  4. Positive shots. Do not turn them into advertising – for sure, every user will appreciate funny pictures with kids and kittens;
  5. Put a link in the ribbon to an entertaining or useful case. This format is very attractive for many users; social networks and content for them
  6. Do not disregard useful advice and publish them in relation to your business;
  7. Stimulate users to write a review – the most active promise of prizes;
  8. Explore photos of customers signed and visiting your resource;
  9. It is recommended to share with clients links to free tools, for example, image processing programs with which you work in person;
  10. Leave a review of interesting literature, which is somehow related to your activities;
  11. Share your products, which you buy on an ongoing basis. For example, if you are a carpenter, then share your opinion about modern furniture, which you yourself prefer;
  12. Create a top-ranking list of texts, articles or posts.
  13. Explain to the users why these thematic materials have become interesting to a wide audience;
  14. Leave links to affiliate sites that will repay you the same. For example, recommend a store in which you purchase content or some components for your products;
  15. Create an interesting survey;
  16. Constantly cover the latest news, share your opinion (policy is excluded);
  17. Leave a recommendation on the page of a specialist working in your industry;
  18. Nostalgic note. Share the history of creating your company, put logo templates, etc.
  19. Spread the links to your resource through various social networks;
  20. Publish memes – funny videos, pictures, etc.
  21. Share useful video instructions;
  22. Take pictures of the type “behind the scenes” – photos of the creative process, how your team works;
  23. Constantly create contests – for example, a photo contest related to your business;
  24. Publish funny pictures and pictures , offering subscribers to come up with an amusing signature; content ideas for social networks
  25. Create a news feed;
  26. Constantly track holidays. Do not forget to congratulate subscribers;
  27. Aim the feedback bridge. Maintain a dialogue with potential clients, answer questions about business and products;
  28. Share with your subscriber’s pictures of your team – a potential customer should be aware of who he is dealing with;
  29. Provide subscribers with information related to the return of products – this information will reduce the number of mistakes when ordering to a minimum;
  30. Excellent reception – the publication of posts in the style of “honestly-dishonest”. This technique allows the user to independently confirm or refute this fact;
  31. Always look for “hot” topics of the day. Be interested in what’s interesting to other users; content ideas for Facebook
  32. Regularly reward the most active users. Make him an “ambassador of good will” from your “enterprise”;
  33. Conduct research and share the results with the audience;
  34. Offer discounts to subscribers, with a limited time limit;
  35. Emphasize your professional qualities, demonstrate certificates, awards and other signs of honor;
  36. Share links with profitable shares, give coupons;
  37. Share photos from corporate parties, show how your team is resting;
  38. Offer free services;
  39. Do not forget to thank your subscribers for all the time they spend in your group;
  40. Create one theme and prepare a series of posts in this area. Publish them for several days;
  41. Publish in the group links to the most entertaining articles and photos that are related to your industry (scope);
  42. Constantly ask questions to users;
  43. Ask team members to tell an interesting story and publish it; ideas of content in social networks
  44. Conduct a dialogue with experts in your industry in an open mode;
  45. Organize a gift campaign. For example, gifts will be awarded to those 5-10 users who will make repost entries;
  46. Intrigue users. For example, publish only part of an interview with a popular person, which will appear in you only after 1-2 weeks;
  47. Constantly announce your posts.
  48. Attract the attention of the audience;
  49. Publish insider posts, news, information;
  50. Give examples of comments on your products or services, make a repost of the most literate and fun;
  51. Answer the questions of potential customers and consumers;
  52. Refer to letters from the mailing list to initiate a discussion dialogue;
  53. Ask subscribers to see them on your page;
  54. Do not neglect the services of question-answer type. Look for the most common questions and give them detailed comments;
  55. Publish interesting excerpts of articles;
  56. Sometimes it is recommended to publish screenshots of interesting dialogues (with the permission of the interlocutor);
  57. Constantly present the upcoming events of your company.

How to use social networks at every stage of the sales funnel

Social media marketing is differ from the usual marketing methods likes SEO and PPC. SMM not only meet the demand, but also to create it. In this article we will discuss how to effectively use the SMM at all levels of the sales funnel.

Reaching and engaging

The upper level of the funnel – is the formation of supply and to ensure maximum coverage of the target audience.  Social media marketing has the most ample opportunities for targeting among other tools available on the digital market. You can target your ads even competitors audience.

Interest based targeting works because you can use your competitor as the interest being targeted. If you type in a competitor name, Facebook is going to populate it with an audience that has expressed an interest in or liked pages related to that competitor. Then find the intersection and make retargeting specifically to those users. The cost of the transition will turn up, but traffic will be more targeted and the conversion may also be higher.

Employing targeted advertising, sowing in thematic communities, worked with celebrities and bloggers, you reach the maximum possible number of users who match your target audience. This is a higher-level hopper.

What track: overall coverage, views and user visits?


Among all the surveyed users will be those who are interested in your product or service and who clicked on the ad. Such users can be divided into those as soon as possible ready to make a purchase, and those who are not yet ripe for it.

The first category – it is hot, the conversion audience. Bring it is not difficult, if you just send users to selling Landing or landing page on the site, where they can leave the application or to make a purchase. Another option – to bring a client into the group, where he will be able to consult on emerging issues. It is advisable to do when the product or service is complex and expensive.

The second category – people who are potentially interested in your product / service, but not yet ready to make a purchase. They must first be motivated to join the group. To this end, it is important to:

According to the community once it was clear what benefits it can bring and what you can find there. This will help the creation of menus and the use of short enticing slogan. For example, if we want to promote the group, where you can buy elite tea of some well-known brand, format suitable slogan “brand name – your online boutique of elite tea.” Immediately clear that the group is devoted to tea, he elite and popular, and that you can buy right here and now;

To the shares in the group were published. Perhaps now the user is a pity to spend money on a product / service, but if there is an appropriate action, he buys it. And with a group of the subscriber does not have all the time to visit the site and check the best deals – when they are published (and you promote such positions), he will see it in your stream or in an advertising block;

 that the community was an interesting and popular content Note that the user will not be far scroll down, he will evaluate the positions in the first couple of spins and the number of likes, comments and repost them;

To entry created a feeling of privilege. To do this, you can give bonuses and discounts for subscribing to a group, free samples, and hold contests for the participants, and soon.

What track: transitions from advertising, targeted action (entry, application and sales – more on that below), the rate of involvement (ER * must not be lower than 0.3%).

* ER (engagement rate) – the degree of involvement, showing the percentage of the community that are active in the publications (huskies, repost, comments).



If the client has matured not because of some kind of action by clicking on the direct link in your post, and just like that (for example, he had a real need, and he has made a choice in your favor, because the brand is constantly on the mind and warmed up interest in its proposal), it is unlikely that will take it into account in the conversion, you think on social networks.

Due to the fact that the majority of sales has delayed effect, to assess the impact of all SMM them practically impossible (hence the myth that sales through SMM is not). But, of course, monitor the effectiveness of the channel at this stage is necessary. Opportunities to do so are growing along with the expansion of social networks advertising formats. So with Facebook and Instagram («Classmates” I do not consider, since they have a relatively modest advertising potential) are constantly working on the implementation of the conversion elements.



If the client has matured not because of some kind of action by clicking on the direct link in your post, and just like that (for example, he had a real need, and he has made a choice in your favor, because the brand is constantly on the mind and warmed up interest in its proposal), it is unlikely that will take it into account in the conversion, you think on social networks.

Due to the fact that the majority of sales has delayed effect, to assess the impact of all SMM them practically impossible (hence the myth that sales through SMM is not). But, of course, monitor the effectiveness of the channel at this stage is necessary. Opportunities to do so are growing along with the expansion of social networks advertising formats. So, with Facebook and Instagram («Classmates” I do not consider, since they have a relatively modest advertising potential) are constantly working on the implementation of the conversion elements.


This post format, containing the key to the target action. Right on to the Facebook page (even without entering into an advertising office), we see the number of surveyed users and the number of people who clicked on the link.

What track: Transitions and displays targeted advertising, and conversion of leads are sales (via wired to each tags and the correct settings in the statistical systems of objectives), cost per customer.


Work with a reputation

It is difficult to relate this point to any particular stage – increase brand loyalty runs through the entire sales funnel. Your customers are divided, again, roughly into two general types: those who remain satisfied or neutral (on consumer behavior in the community, I joined them in roughly the same category), and those who have a claim. Let’s look at both groups.

Customer satisfied or neutral. Even if the client was satisfied with the purchase, it is likely that he from the group, as was everything you need to select a product / service. But it is possible to keep the content interesting and the opportunity to “live” in a comfortable environment – that is, get in the community after-sales service.

A striking example of such cooperation – a group of car dealers. If they carry out not only pre-sales consulting, but also provide support after can be formed around the brand loyal and active community. The buyer will be sure to you, if he does not have to because every extra sound from under the hood to run dealership consult with the master. People who are constantly online, it is much easier to describe your problem directly in the community and know that it will respond to them quickly.

The customer is dissatisfied. Because he already knows about your group, with high probability it will be the first place where he will go to ask questions or express their negativity. And it’s a great opportunity to find out what actually care about your client.

Many companies consider it a minus, because in this case the bulk of the negative will be concentrated in one place. But do not be afraid. A situation where the claim is not – it is a utopia. And users can also understand this: the complete absence of negative reviews more suspicious than trust. For subscribers and occasional visitors importantly, how quickly you respond to negative.

Often there are situations when immediately after handling user gone to private messages. I cannot say that it is completely the right approach. For the specialist it is important to consider each case individually and some situations in public. Agree, if every call displeased him gone in personal correspondence, all the rest is a feeling that from them something to conceal.

It may sound corny, but in conflict situations importantly sincerely empathize with the client in his problem and try to come to a compromise. Caring about customers will not only help keep valuable audience, but also to increase its brand loyalty. Ignoring this simple rule, you automatically reduce the effectiveness of their SMM.


What to monitor: the value is not so much the number of negative and positive in the group, as their ratio. For the “positive” group portrait is desirable that the positive reviews were about two-thirds.

But in reality, such a situation – a rarity, because consumers are more willing to express negative than positive experience sharing. Therefore, over the positive image should always work: time to respond to the negative and to neutralize it, to encourage customers to leave a positive opinion, to raise brand advocates.

Hold and return

To learn how to motivate repeat purchases a group of subscribers, we have already talked (to work with them on, to advise, and assist). And how to make so that consumers who do not yet know about the existence of your community (or did not want to immediately enter into it) still were in it?

It is very important synergy advertising offline and online. When buying, you should inform your customers that you have a group in social networks, where you can get the most relevant, useful and interesting information. In any POS-materials and documents (price lists, warranty documents, etc.) it is important to insert the QR-code, hashtags, or references to your group.

In addition to these measures, and hold back potential customers will help to retargeting visitors and customer base (by id users, e-mail, and telephone numbers).


SMM – one of the most versatile tools in the hands of online marketers, the possibility of which in practice greatly underestimated. With the help of social networks can not only create, but also to meet the demand, attract the targeted users, constantly be in touch with their audience and to work with a reputation.

Of course, the SMM is not a panacea in itself a channel in the short term will not give sales commensurate with the context and SEO. But in combination with other tools of his clever use can significantly reduce the cost of customer acquisition and return on online marketing in general.

7 Biggest Alternative Video Marketing Website for Youtube

You tube is also the one of the most popular search engine next to Google in the U.S and can involving all over the world. There is more opportunity for lot of visibility and social. But I think about beyond you tube in your SEO video and social strategy.

The digital video consumption is increasing now days. In America 59 million Americans will consumed the digital video at once in month in 2014 is increase more than 2013. As a result the digital video is spending large in internet. In research the spending of video in billion on digital ads in 2014 but it actual representing of ad is 2.4percent.  Now it will increase 15 percent in 2017.

Today’s generations are mostly interested in video according to media they spent on internet in 2010 has rise from 69.6 to 109.5 daily minutes, all this is because of video. You tube has billion users, face book has1.4 billion users for making easy to run the video spots in Varity of different formats and types. Having excellent targeting options for going. Many of this is extension of media services.

Face book

It is vast area of scale and chance for benefits on video face book. If your video is share with more likes then it will be worthy on face book.


It has 300 million users were launch its ad program on 2014 later, it owned by face book .it allow all advertiser to add hyperlinks to their videos with their own site.

Vine and periscope

It has 40 million members and 10 million users, have an identity approach to video advertising. Here advertisers can contact popular video “stars” for product promotions. It leads to the rapid development of a social media agency ecosystem to match up brands and influencers here.


It has about 73 million users with start selling “promoted pins” last year and recently added video ads in the form of “Cinematic Pins.” These ad units work in a novel way they’ll provides advertisers with several ways to buy video ads.


It has 45 million users this is fast growing game to focus on platform. It provides advertisers an excellent way to reach the coveted 18to24 demographic.

Snap chat

Snap chat has nearly 200 million users, started its video ad program in late 2014 and launched its Discover product, which features premium content from several publishers, in early 2015. According to Snap chat, vertically oriented ads outperform landscape formatted ads by a factor.


Yahoo is a mobile, video, native, social as MVNS the ad revenues are on track to exceed its conventional display revenues, which is good news given that its display ads are dropping. Yahoo currently has 800 million users and 350 million of them are on mobile devices rolled out two new video oriented ad formats like native video and video app-install ads.

5 SEO Foundations More Important Than Link Building

Mobile Friendly Website

Google has decided to punish in their search results to sites not tailored to mobile devices, by “mobilegeddon” update. The only thing that is clear is that from this date begin to penalize Google in its search results to websites that we are “mobile-friendly”.

Google has made ​​available to the webmasters with a free tool to examine the adaptability to mobile devices of your pages. For more information about the changes that you need to enter on their websites, webmasters can dip into the so-called “Mobile Usability Report” of Google Webmaster Tools.

Website Navigation

A clear and simple navigation is essentially important for the success of a website. A complicated and unclear navigation will confuse your visitors. Those who do not quickly find what they are looking who leaves your website faster than you think. Therefore, a clear navigation is very important and Google rewards sites which have clear navigation

Full Informative and Regular Content

Content is one of the most important parts of the health and authority of your website. Without a great and unique content you may find it difficult to position your website and even harder to find users who want to spend quality time visiting your pages

You need fresh, original, unique, relevant content, and last but not least need to create it on a regular basis (not worth making good content a week and the next do nothing). While the blog is a great place to do this, you also need to do it in other web pages.

Social Media Presence

Social media is not a measure of return on direct investment, they are more of a help to achieve certain goals, so you have to pamper them and give them everything they ask for. It is a reality, users are directed to social networks as a way to connect with brands. For them, these channels represent a quick and easy way of contact. It is a reality, users are directed to social networks as a way to connect with brands. For them, these channels represent a quick and easy way of contact

Studies show that customers engaged (engagement) become loyal customers and its effect on the ROI is much higher than you think. So make sure you have a plan to take full advantage of social networks and have very clear what your strategy. So claim your business’s profile on as many social media platforms as you can. Also social media presence helps you retain your search positions.

Brand Mentions

A mention is when your brand or business is quoted in one website, with or without bond. However, you may wonder what the difference between the typical reference link and a mention.

Well, now Google has evolved. Just do not read links from social networks. Now links are not considered but mentions: it is considered that a user cites the brand or company as a mere mention of his audience, and not to refer to other content (as in the case of links).

Today, social mentions are clearly a new factor of authority in the SEO positioning. There was the view that a link on Social Networks interested us for the simple fact that it was a link. That already supposed a value in our positioning strategy, albeit

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