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5 SEO Foundations More Important Than Link Building

Mobile Friendly Website

Google has decided to punish in their search results to sites not tailored to mobile devices, by “mobilegeddon” update. The only thing that is clear is that from this date begin to penalize Google in its search results to websites that we are “mobile-friendly”.

Google has made ​​available to the webmasters with a free tool to examine the adaptability to mobile devices of your pages. For more information about the changes that you need to enter on their websites, webmasters can dip into the so-called “Mobile Usability Report” of Google Webmaster Tools.

Website Navigation

A clear and simple navigation is essentially important for the success of a website. A complicated and unclear navigation will confuse your visitors. Those who do not quickly find what they are looking who leaves your website faster than you think. Therefore, a clear navigation is very important and Google rewards sites which have clear navigation

Full Informative and Regular Content

Content is one of the most important parts of the health and authority of your website. Without a great and unique content you may find it difficult to position your website and even harder to find users who want to spend quality time visiting your pages

You need fresh, original, unique, relevant content, and last but not least need to create it on a regular basis (not worth making good content a week and the next do nothing). While the blog is a great place to do this, you also need to do it in other web pages.

Social Media Presence

Social media is not a measure of return on direct investment, they are more of a help to achieve certain goals, so you have to pamper them and give them everything they ask for. It is a reality, users are directed to social networks as a way to connect with brands. For them, these channels represent a quick and easy way of contact. It is a reality, users are directed to social networks as a way to connect with brands. For them, these channels represent a quick and easy way of contact

Studies show that customers engaged (engagement) become loyal customers and its effect on the ROI is much higher than you think. So make sure you have a plan to take full advantage of social networks and have very clear what your strategy. So claim your business’s profile on as many social media platforms as you can. Also social media presence helps you retain your search positions.

Brand Mentions

A mention is when your brand or business is quoted in one website, with or without bond. However, you may wonder what the difference between the typical reference link and a mention.

Well, now Google has evolved. Just do not read links from social networks. Now links are not considered but mentions: it is considered that a user cites the brand or company as a mere mention of his audience, and not to refer to other content (as in the case of links).

Today, social mentions are clearly a new factor of authority in the SEO positioning. There was the view that a link on Social Networks interested us for the simple fact that it was a link. That already supposed a value in our positioning strategy, albeit

Three methods for mobile-optimized websites

For the basic orientation of a mobile optimized website are three versions to choose from:

  • Responsive web design: The responsive design, there is a URL for all devices. Also the source code is the same. The output of the page is, however, adjusted via CSS to the respective client and its screen size.
  • Dynamic Serving: In this case, the content is also available on the same URL. The server returns the contents, however, depends on user agent and fits HTML or CSS to.
  • Separate mobile-optimized website: here the mobile content under a different URL available than in the previous examples.

Mobile-Friendly ranking factor update

From 21 April 2015, the mobile-friendliness of a website is considered another ranking factor in Google. With “mobile-friendly” the usability of a site on smartphones is meant. The algorithm change therefore only affects mobile searches in all languages ​​around the world.

This means: If the contents of a domain is not “mobile-friendly” that is not optimized for access via mobile devices so they can be at a disadvantage when searching on a smartphone. Google also identifies the mobile-friendliness of a URL on the search results pages and warns the user of mobile searchers mobile friendliness of content.

As search engine Google wants every user provide the best fit for its search and result situation. By examining a website on their mobile friendliness can be assured that the mobile seekers can actually consume and use the information on the site in its entirety.

Provides a site the best information for the seeker on a cell phone user, so this content is really to use him only in unrestricted mobile usability of the site also. However, if the content at this time “mobile-friendly”, so it can also not  suitable best results, be related to the situation of seeking a mobile device user.

This Google has of course recognized and goes out even in the distribution of search traffic from an early transcendence of Desktop Search:


What does Google under a mobile device?

Searches a user on his mobile device with Google, so the advantage of “mobile-friendly” site for site operators can no longer be dismissed out of hand. When a mobile device Google distinguishes four classes of devices:


Smartphones: eg Android devices, iPhone or Windows Phones

Tablets: these mobile devices treated Google more like a desktop computer

Multimedia phones: they do not support all the HTML5 standards

Feature phones: they do not support standard HTML

The term “mobile device” refers primarily Google Smartphones and Tablets less and feature phones.

Google has its own smartphone search index?

When a search query the Google search engine is different between a smartphone and a desktop search search. The results on the search results pages originate in both cases, but the same search index. Depending on the user’s device used a different URL can be displayed for a

What are the criteria for a mobile-friendly site?

Whether the contents of a website “mobile-friendly” are checked Google for each URL in detail. If a page for use on smartphones optimized, this recognizes the Google bot when re-crawl and weighted this factor immediately. So this happens in near real time.

The four criteria are crucial for a mobile-friendly website:


For mobile devices unusual software like Flash is avoided

The text can be read without zooming

The size of the content is adapted to the screen, so that users do not need to scroll or zoom horizontally

The distance between links is large enough so that users can tap on the desired link problems

Webmaster can do this with Google’s own house tool analyze a URL, whether it is optimized for mobile devices. Proposals to improve the user experience on mobile devices are displayed at the same time with.

Note: Responsive Design Vs mobile-friendly

Already in mid-2013, Google has the right configuration of the mobile site

Announced as a ranking factor for search results on smartphones.

A so-called responsive web design here is only a (partial) means to an end. In addition to proper scaling of designs on different mobile devices and the changed arrangement of elements on a Web site, it depends on more technical factors to really be considered a “mobile-friendly”.

In addition to four criteria for mobile-friendly sites may, for example JavaScript, CSS, and image files will not be excluded from the crawl. Incorrect redirects or missing information on the Mobile-optimized content

Often these mentioned points are not always covered by mere “responsive design”. Therefore, adjusting the page layout on the display area of ​​a smartphone guarantees still far from comprehensive mobile-friendliness of the content.

SEO Strategy for Multi Located Local Business

The successful promotion of business in different cities is one of the controversial topics in SEO. What if the company has, offices in three cities, and it is necessary to provide for the issuance of a good one and the same key words in each of them?

Unique content

Need unique content for each city as well as the smoothness of the “transformation” of the site from city to city. Assume that the company operates in five cities, and provides 10 services. You will have to create 50 unique pages on the same pattern, but with different information.

The main advantage of the above strategy is that each page is identified by the search engines, as appropriate for local searches. This is achieved by the fact that the URL-address, site name, H1 tag contains company name, city, and service

Local Data Management

The second method is to manage and distribute the location data across multiple platforms Google+ Local, Bing or Yahoo Local, and Yelp, among others will help you improve the accuracy of your location data, and also improve your results in ranking.

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SEO Trends to Dominate 2015

Content is a Key Drive Traffic

The ideal part of good search engine optimization is the content of a website. This formerly lost focus of many website operators sharpened 2011, the Panda update. Deliver always significantly better content than any other website operators and satisfy real demand. SEO without having a strong content plan in place will fail, and will need to shift their focus to the creation and distribution of high-quality content

SEO is always important and Need to Know Much more

The best content will not work if not Google knows exactly how your site is structured and what topics are covered on each page. This means never forget the basic things keyword research, Meta tags, indexing issues penalty recovery, usability and conversion optimization.

Increasingly there is a trend that is expected of SEOs to have a say on these issues and perhaps to master two things really well. .

 Google makes in mobile search seriously

This year was probably the biggest trend mobile search. The aim was to webmasters mainly about getting your own website for mobile presentation fit.

It’s clear that Google is testing out various strategies for indicating which sites are optimized for mobile and its labelling “mobile-friendly” on its mobile search to meets the following criteria

  1. Avoids software that is not common on mobile devices, like Flash
  2. Uses text that is readable without zooming
  3. Sizes content to the screen so users don’t have to scroll horizontally or zoom
  4. Places links far enough apart so that the correct one can be easily tapped

Brand Mentions and Citations

Brand Mentions and Citation is main factor for local rankings. The mention of your business, including exact matching data (address and phone number) will help you improve your local search marketing results. In other words, these citations help you rank better for local search queries

 Social Signals

What we find good, we recommend to our friends and acquaintances. This simple principle uses Google as a ranking criterion. Google records the reactions on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter content on the Web. Each “thumbs up” and “+” indicate Google that your website provides quality content. These so-called social signal are becoming increasingly important as a ranking factor. Therefore, you should do it with the integration of a social bar to your website visitors as light as possible, you recommended.