4 Tactics for Outstanding E-commerce SEO

Search engine optimization has become always interconnecting of many sites. And the situation is much greater for e-commerce sites, with large number of things automatically generated pages, loads the images and intense competition for clicks. In Modern SEO requires at least 16 different strategies are planned to achieve at specific end, according to specialists from SEO […]

Internet Usage In 2018 will be raised to 28 Million in Rural Areas

In the Mumbai countryside, the Internet application will be five times higher in the 2018, it increases to 28 million Boston Consulting Group, and the group published a thesis in detail.  In India, the 2018 year, 55 million people will use the Internet. In addition, 28 million people, who are from small towns and rural […]

Mobile Internet site in way out movement

In India   all service provider allows to all content and applications through the websites like mantra, flip kart companies are successfully over come through business. These companies are close their mobile websites, instead, mobile phone use Apps are commonly called “separate application program download criteria to their customers. By mobile Internet connection speeds are increasing […]

Learn to Start websites on mobile devices as native apps

Native apps for smartphones and tablets are still popular, but not always necessary. Much can be implemented as a web application with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Thanks corresponding JavaScript APIs you have, for example, access to the orientation sensor and can also recognize gestures and react accordingly. The WebApp manifesto, it is also possible to […]

Mobile-Friendly ranking factor update

From 21 April 2015, the mobile-friendliness of a website is considered another ranking factor in Google. With “mobile-friendly” the usability of a site on smartphones is meant. The algorithm change therefore only affects mobile searches in all languages ​​around the world. This means: If the contents of a domain is not “mobile-friendly” that is not […]

Recent Study: Internet market is booming in India

I n the past year, the growth rate was still at 7.5 percent. Basis of the information is a survey. “Innovative additional services and lower prices help the access business to rapid growth, Fast Internet connections are now offered in conjunction with inexpensive flat rates for phone, digital TV or online video stores.” That makes […]

Facebook Acquired Quickfire: Optimized video transmission

Videos are increasing bandwidth to an increasingly important medium in online marketing. This also has Facebook detected and acquires the platform Quickfire a specialist for optimized video transmission. At the same time, according to statistics exceeds the number of Facebook Posts with videos uploaded directly the number of posts that link to YouTube videos. The […]