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Google+ Profile outranked Google for its Brand Keyword

In Egypt a repairman was founded a sudden state of people as one of the most searched for men in his country. If anyone search in google from an Egyptian system got a page belonging to particular business man in first result in spite of that he dint include any keywords and related ways. In this google plus he has received more than five million views. Google is looking into the issue which occurs to have been fixed.

The strange behavior was not covered by a digital marketer from Egypt, who wrote up his findings the occupations platforms medium. Then he contacted MR.EI-TOONY who said that he had not done anything to support his page. In a thing that is known, other than language increases in number of phone calls he had received to seen the fact of his new ranking.

So the people will think I am the mother company of google. That is great he ever told.

Act of Outranking Google

There are many cunning acts that firm cam nothing to increases their rankings priority and seo firms offers a Varity of algorithms, keyword optimization and finding out the lowest links that will move firms up the rankings. Nobody should be not possible to out rank google for their own name on their search engine detail about how he can find the enterd a google search results page for his username into the Google Plus page.

If it become to turn in out of number one rankings reference all you have to do rank google of website in url of google plus.

Mistake should never Happen

A search engine optimization firms are saying Google plus profiles are have better visibility, but never like this. Sure it was a happy accident to Mr EI Toney’s perspective, but for Google it was very big mistake and they should never let it happen.

Yahoo is shutting down Maps and Pipes


Yahoo is going to stop down a number of products in the near future, according to the search report. In after eight years, Yahoo Maps will spot down in this month. So the company will continue to support Yahoo Maps has its own search results. As Yahoo standard and overall they offerings, the GeoPlanet and Places potter APIs will be retired during the third quarter of this year; information on moving them from one to another through Yahoo Query Language.

In priority to focus on digital magazines Yahoo will discontinue several areas, genre specific media properties such as Yahoo Music in France and Canada; and Movies in Spain.      It Entertaining the Singapore and both Yahoo Music and Autos in the U.K., France, Germany and Spain. In addition, Yahoo Philippines will stop down and redirect to the Yahoo Singapore homepage.

That’s Yahoo isn’t stopping down its mail system the company will stop supporting Yahoo Mail on older likes phones. From on June 15 the Yahoo Mail will only be supported on the built-in email app for iOS 5 and later versions. Same as the same day, Yahoo Contacts will stop syncing for Mac operating systems. Later this summer, Yahoo will also stop supporting all connections, an application that cluster the information from various places and then publishes it depending on users’ requirements.

4 Tactics for Outstanding E-commerce SEO

Search engine optimization has become always interconnecting of many sites. And the situation is much greater for e-commerce sites, with large number of things automatically generated pages, loads the images and intense competition for clicks. In Modern SEO requires at least 16 different strategies are planned to achieve at specific end, according to specialists from SEO Industry. Now we can focus on four that are among the most useful and often overlooked by retailers of all sizes with example.

Mobile friendly

In April, Google began assist to websites if they are less mobile traffic to e-commerce sites and mobile traffic increases but no serious retailer can pay to provide a bad mobile experience. There are 3 categories for delivery to mobile devices like responsive design, where Google’s preferred methods like dynamic serving of pages and allocated mobile URLs. Many e-commerce and the individual pages are evaluated rather than whole site. Platforms offer responsive-design templates, and the Ultimate Mobile-Friendly Checklist provides a list of common mistakes. Google analyze the url and report if page is designed as less mobile traffic and how it may effect.

Canonical URLs

Especially on large e-commerce sites, there may be multiple ways someone could get to a particular product page, for example, in a holiday promotion or spotlight, onsite search for a brand or product name, or from one or more product categories. Each of these paths automatically generates a unique URL, and each URL will compete with the others, thereby lowering search rank for each of them.

Instead of picking a best, that is about tell search engines which is your preferred URL. The URL structure is

As a result, all SEO value is funneled to this single, canonical URL. Macy’s gets extra value from this because the canonical URL contains both keywords and the product ID.

Enticing Meta descriptions

It’s surprising how many retailers don’t pay attention to their meta-descriptions, instead allowing them to be auto-generated by the search engine. Once a company has gotten onto listing to results returned by a search engine is responses to the key word query, the meta-description is often the first step in conversion, selling the searcher on one result. With its completely automated page generation, Amazon delivers a clearly machine-made result. The online giant, of course, has such a strong brand that it doesn’t need to shoppers.

Fresh, robust content

Keyword-rich content and a lot of it, has always been good for SEO. Thanks to Google’s Hummingbird algorithm has Update that content also needs to be original and useful. A solid content strategy must go beyond blogs and reviews to include video, photos and social media. With a network of retail stores and huge e-commerce presence, REI doesn’t sell power output, it sells the outdoor lifestyle. In addition to the expected product reviews, its blog covers topics like getting an unwilling and hesitant to friend to go camping and ideas for dates in nature. And, while the top of the homepage features gear, it provides links to a wealth of other content, including expert advice, how-to videos, information graphics and photo spreads. All this content helps rank for long-tail searches while improving its overall ranking thanks to the quality of its content.

And more are here,

Here are the other 12 techniques that every retailer should use to achieve outstanding SEO for e-commerce:

  • Optimized for local (even for big guys)
  • Proper site structure
  • Applying structured data
  • Ensuring fast loading times
  • Incorporating user-generated content to maintain freshness
  • Applying detailed, keyword-rich product descriptions
  • Using alt text for images
  • Providing social sharing tools on product pages
  • Applying HTTPs security protocol
  • Error-free pages
  • Diverse anchors
  • Robust back links

Yes, this is a long list. Start with making sure your e-commerce site is less traffic for an immediate SEO boost, and then work your way down until you’ve achieved stellar search engine optimization.

Internet Usage In 2018 will be raised to 28 Million in Rural Areas

In the Mumbai countryside, the Internet application will be five times higher in the 2018, it increases to 28 million Boston Consulting Group, and the group published a thesis in detail.  In India, the 2018 year, 55 million people will use the Internet. In addition, 28 million people, who are from small towns and rural areas?

The number of these, in 2014 it is six million. In India all the system are increasing use of the Internet by mobile phone. This applies to the urban and rural populations like Small cities, towns, and 70 per cent used by mobile phone and they will surf the Internet. They are buying different items through the web site has been increasing. Women have been using the Internet too much. Thus, in 2013, internets use 25 percent from the contribution of women, who is in 2018, an increase of 33 percent. In India 44 percent of families in the heart of the administration’s hand, they development is possible. According to people’s income, the number of connections is there in Internet while increasing in 2014, 20 million people using the mobile phone for the Internet.

Mobile Internet site in way out movement

In India   all service provider allows to all content and applications through the websites like mantra, flip kart companies are successfully over come through business. These companies are close their mobile websites, instead, mobile phone use Apps are commonly called “separate application program download criteria to their customers.

By mobile Internet connection speeds are increasing utilization by moving forcefully in a specified direction, this discussion had been taken by two companies. In 2019, 65.1 million smart phone users in the coming year are expected to be. Upcoming four years, the number of users who will be more than 13 participants. Easy internet at their web site, “” Apps “, the companies have decided to come through the application. So, it is easy to use, customizable, and will start easy service and can be consider an all-out trade. To serve customers better, it takes less time. This is the best of the customers, would be the simplest way.

Currently more than 90% of Internet connection, 80% have been reported to be operating in trade through the mobile. IAMAI and IMRB International Organizations.  According to the poll, 33% of e-commerce in India is rising constantly. At the end of 2015 exceed one lakh core.

The action taken by the mobile App to make way businesses not only in the national level, at the global level in this study was welcomed merkontiruppavarkal announced. However, the Indian clients, the applications via the mobile phone are the only trade merkolvarkala vivatattirkuriyate. Now, in those trades via mobile, 71% were via the browser, 29% of people buying things through applications. Might be the expediency of Internet business? Other business sites or go to find the answer is no.

Beyond this, further, plip card operation on his desktop website, covering not only trade via the mobile App to continue, according to unconfirmed information. There are currently 55 million customers flip kart disposal. They, without any hesitation, flip kart may listen to the hopes and internet business market.

Learn to Start websites on mobile devices as native apps

Native apps for smartphones and tablets are still popular, but not always necessary. Much can be implemented as a web application with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Thanks corresponding JavaScript APIs you have, for example, access to the orientation sensor and can also recognize gestures and react accordingly. The WebApp manifesto, it is also possible to take another classic app properties for web applications. This includes the provision of special launcher icons or a separate launcher name which may be different from the often long title of the HTML document.

Make it look like webapp native app

With some settings in the manifest, it is possible to start a webapp so and look to be like a classic native app. Provided however, that the webapp as a link is on the home screen of your smartphone or tablet and start from there. In Chrome it is the menu item “Add to Home Screen”. As a result, such a link is created. Chrome  is also currently the only browser that supports the WebApp manifesto.

The manifest can specify a deviating from the default title of the HTML document name for the shortcut on the home screen. Indeed, with “name” and “short_name” two different properties for the title of the link. “Short_name” but always overrides the value of “name”. This property is ignored, although “short_name” exists.

"Name" : "Long name for the webapp" ,
"short_name" : "Short Name"

Also, the icon for the shortcut can be determined individually by the manifest. Here, icons can be specified in different sizes for different pixel densities. These are referenced as a JSON array.

"icons" :  [

“src” :  “launcher-icon-36×36-1x.png” ,

“sizes” :  “36×36″ ,
“type” :  “image/png” ,
“density” :  “1″



“src” :  “launcher-icon-36×36-2x.png” ,

“sizes” :  “36×36″ ,

“type” :  “image/png” ,

“density” :  “2″



Depending on the device, the appropriate icon is displayed using the values ​​defined in “sizes” and “density”. If no icon found dimensionally accurate, Chrome will select one that fits best.

Normally, a link would be called to the home screen as a normal website within the browser – with corresponding navigation bar. With the “display” property, it is possible to make a webapp so the browser illustrate that no navigation bar is visible. Visually, the webapp is thus indistinguishable from a native app.
"Display" : "stand alone"

In addition to the value of “stand alone” that hides the navigation bar of the browser, there’s the value “fullscreen”. Here, the “action bar” of the device disappears. Above all, games are often presented in this full screen mode. He is not to be confused with the full screen mode of the browser.Currently, Chrome seems “fullscreen” property but not supported. On the device tested, the property is in any case ignored and instead used “stand alone” which is the default fallback in case “full screen” is not supported by a browser.

For the user, the requested URL is not visible due to the hidden navigation bar of the browser.Therefore, this appears on pages leading via a link to another domain, at the top of the screen a small status bar in which the URL of the page is visible. This ensures that the user always knows where he is located.

Furthermore, you can specify a device orientation for the presentation of the webapp. This makes it possible, regardless of the orientation of the smartphone or tablet to have a webapp always in landscape or portrait mode, ie in portrait or landscape mode, run.

"Orientation" : "portrait"

In addition, there is the possibility to define a start URL for the web app. This one from the home screen viewed website or webapp opens with a separate URL.

"Start_url" : "webapp.html"

If the property is “start_url” is not set, the URL is always used, is added to the website from the home screen. With “start_url” so you can, for example, ensure that a webapp is always opened her home.

Often, it is interesting to know for developers when a site from the home screen and when it was called as a normal website. To this end, can the property “start_url” misuse by there simply a parameter is passed, which can then be used to from the home screen to determine separately the calls.

"Start_url" : "webapp.html start screen = 1?"

This parameter can be queried via JavaScript or server-side scripting language. Including analytics tools can draw inferences from where the website or webapp is started.
No subsequent changes to the manifest properties possible

If a site has been added as a shortcut to the home screen, it is not possible to change the properties defined for the set link later. For example, if the value of “orientation” is changed, the user would have to delete the existing webapp link first and then add the site again to the home screen. Only then the manifest file is read again.

Three methods for mobile-optimized websites

For the basic orientation of a mobile optimized website are three versions to choose from:

  • Responsive web design: The responsive design, there is a URL for all devices. Also the source code is the same. The output of the page is, however, adjusted via CSS to the respective client and its screen size.
  • Dynamic Serving: In this case, the content is also available on the same URL. The server returns the contents, however, depends on user agent and fits HTML or CSS to.
  • Separate mobile-optimized website: here the mobile content under a different URL available than in the previous examples.

Mobile-Friendly ranking factor update

From 21 April 2015, the mobile-friendliness of a website is considered another ranking factor in Google. With “mobile-friendly” the usability of a site on smartphones is meant. The algorithm change therefore only affects mobile searches in all languages ​​around the world.

This means: If the contents of a domain is not “mobile-friendly” that is not optimized for access via mobile devices so they can be at a disadvantage when searching on a smartphone. Google also identifies the mobile-friendliness of a URL on the search results pages and warns the user of mobile searchers mobile friendliness of content.

As search engine Google wants every user provide the best fit for its search and result situation. By examining a website on their mobile friendliness can be assured that the mobile seekers can actually consume and use the information on the site in its entirety.

Provides a site the best information for the seeker on a cell phone user, so this content is really to use him only in unrestricted mobile usability of the site also. However, if the content at this time “mobile-friendly”, so it can also not  suitable best results, be related to the situation of seeking a mobile device user.

This Google has of course recognized and goes out even in the distribution of search traffic from an early transcendence of Desktop Search:


What does Google under a mobile device?

Searches a user on his mobile device with Google, so the advantage of “mobile-friendly” site for site operators can no longer be dismissed out of hand. When a mobile device Google distinguishes four classes of devices:


Smartphones: eg Android devices, iPhone or Windows Phones

Tablets: these mobile devices treated Google more like a desktop computer

Multimedia phones: they do not support all the HTML5 standards

Feature phones: they do not support standard HTML

The term “mobile device” refers primarily Google Smartphones and Tablets less and feature phones.

Google has its own smartphone search index?

When a search query the Google search engine is different between a smartphone and a desktop search search. The results on the search results pages originate in both cases, but the same search index. Depending on the user’s device used a different URL can be displayed for a

What are the criteria for a mobile-friendly site?

Whether the contents of a website “mobile-friendly” are checked Google for each URL in detail. If a page for use on smartphones optimized, this recognizes the Google bot when re-crawl and weighted this factor immediately. So this happens in near real time.

The four criteria are crucial for a mobile-friendly website:


For mobile devices unusual software like Flash is avoided

The text can be read without zooming

The size of the content is adapted to the screen, so that users do not need to scroll or zoom horizontally

The distance between links is large enough so that users can tap on the desired link problems

Webmaster can do this with Google’s own house tool analyze a URL, whether it is optimized for mobile devices. Proposals to improve the user experience on mobile devices are displayed at the same time with.

Note: Responsive Design Vs mobile-friendly

Already in mid-2013, Google has the right configuration of the mobile site

Announced as a ranking factor for search results on smartphones.

A so-called responsive web design here is only a (partial) means to an end. In addition to proper scaling of designs on different mobile devices and the changed arrangement of elements on a Web site, it depends on more technical factors to really be considered a “mobile-friendly”.

In addition to four criteria for mobile-friendly sites may, for example JavaScript, CSS, and image files will not be excluded from the crawl. Incorrect redirects or missing information on the Mobile-optimized content

Often these mentioned points are not always covered by mere “responsive design”. Therefore, adjusting the page layout on the display area of ​​a smartphone guarantees still far from comprehensive mobile-friendliness of the content.

Recent Study: Internet market is booming in India

I n the past year, the growth rate was still at 7.5 percent. Basis of the information is a survey. “Innovative additional services and lower prices help the access business to rapid growth, Fast Internet connections are now offered in conjunction with inexpensive flat rates for phone, digital TV or online video stores.” That makes broadband Internet becomes more attractive. At the same time, prices for data transmission sink. According to forecast the end of this year 5 percent will increase overall users in India will have a broadband connection. That is eight percentage points more than in the previous year.


By the way: Surfing the Internet is only fun when you can download applications at high speed or build websites quickly on the screen. This will only work with a fixed broadband connection. Unfortunately, provider promise top speeds that are never achieved.

Facebook Acquired Quickfire

Facebook Acquired Quickfire: Optimized video transmission

Videos are increasing bandwidth to an increasingly important medium in online marketing. This also has Facebook detected and acquires the platform Quickfire a specialist for optimized video transmission. At the same time, according to statistics exceeds the number of Facebook Posts with videos uploaded directly the number of posts that link to YouTube videos.

The Internet access of consumers are indeed faster, but this is counteracted by a tremendous growth of published content. In particular, high quality videos are very demanding in terms of bandwidth. This is likely one of the main reasons for the acquisition of the QuickFire platform by Facebook have been because the company from San Diego in the United States has specialized to transmit video without quality loss with lower data volume.