55 Content Ideas for Social Networks

Do not neglect the opinion of subscribers. Find out about the subscribers of your page / group about your services or products; Share links to interesting sites and pages (preferably thematic); Use the quotation. Many users are willing to use them as a status on their page; Positive shots. Do not turn them into advertising […]

Reasons of Hiring an SEO Agency over Doing it at Your Own

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is something which includes techniques and strategies to make a web site of a higher rank and to place it on a position better than before in a particular web search engine. Nowadays we can say that concept of SEO and marketing are inseparable. If you need your business to […]

Which trends should be SEO-ready in 2017

Search Engine Optimization is developing at light speed. By the end of 2016, it makes sense to explore the landscape of digital-marketing next year. Over the past 10 months in SEO there are many improvements. Many of the trends of 2016 will continue to grow in 2017. In addition to constant updates Google-algorithms that keep […]

5 online errors in ecommerce stores prices setting

Online retail is going through radical changes associated with active growth of the number of customers coming to offline channels, manufacturability of new players, increasing price transparency and market awareness of customers – all these factors have an enormous pressure on pricing business processes. Over the past 5 years, the active use of the Internet […]

Voice Search: the future of search engine optimization

From the point of search engine optimization voice search queries do not get much attention. Internet users have traditionally preferred to type your query in the search bar, in order to avoid errors. However, speech recognition technology is becoming more accurate and reliable, and can seriously affect the future development of search algorithms Voice Search […]

5 post-conversion strategies to increase customer loyalty

The conversion should not be random. Once you have provided a basic level, you need to increase its performance (preferably – not allowing these errors). Marketers tend to spend too much time to attract buyers rather than to keep them. While it may seem that the work on customer retention lies on the shoulders of […]