7 Biggest Alternative Video Marketing Website for Youtube

You tube is also the one of the most popular search engine next to Google in the U.S and can involving all over the world. There is more opportunity for lot of visibility and social. But I think about beyond you tube in your SEO video and social strategy.

The digital video consumption is increasing now days. In America 59 million Americans will consumed the digital video at once in month in 2014 is increase more than 2013. As a result the digital video is spending large in internet. In research the spending of video in billion on digital ads in 2014 but it actual representing of ad is 2.4percent.  Now it will increase 15 percent in 2017.

Today’s generations are mostly interested in video according to media they spent on internet in 2010 has rise from 69.6 to 109.5 daily minutes, all this is because of video. You tube has billion users, face book has1.4 billion users for making easy to run the video spots in Varity of different formats and types. Having excellent targeting options for going. Many of this is extension of media services.

Face book

It is vast area of scale and chance for benefits on video face book. If your video is share with more likes then it will be worthy on face book.


It has 300 million users were launch its ad program on 2014 later, it owned by face book .it allow all advertiser to add hyperlinks to their videos with their own site.

Vine and periscope

It has 40 million members and 10 million users, have an identity approach to video advertising. Here advertisers can contact popular video “stars” for product promotions. It leads to the rapid development of a social media agency ecosystem to match up brands and influencers here.


It has about 73 million users with start selling “promoted pins” last year and recently added video ads in the form of “Cinematic Pins.” These ad units work in a novel way they’ll provides advertisers with several ways to buy video ads.


It has 45 million users this is fast growing game to focus on platform. It provides advertisers an excellent way to reach the coveted 18to24 demographic.

Snap chat

Snap chat has nearly 200 million users, started its video ad program in late 2014 and launched its Discover product, which features premium content from several publishers, in early 2015. According to Snap chat, vertically oriented ads outperform landscape formatted ads by a factor.


Yahoo is a mobile, video, native, social as MVNS the ad revenues are on track to exceed its conventional display revenues, which is good news given that its display ads are dropping. Yahoo currently has 800 million users and 350 million of them are on mobile devices rolled out two new video oriented ad formats like native video and video app-install ads.

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