55 Content Ideas for Social Networks

  1. Do not neglect the opinion of subscribers. Find out about the subscribers of your page / group about your services or products;
  2. Share links to interesting sites and pages (preferably thematic);
  3. Use the quotation. Many users are willing to use them as a status on their page;
  4. Positive shots. Do not turn them into advertising – for sure, every user will appreciate funny pictures with kids and kittens;
  5. Put a link in the ribbon to an entertaining or useful case. This format is very attractive for many users; social networks and content for them
  6. Do not disregard useful advice and publish them in relation to your business;
  7. Stimulate users to write a review – the most active promise of prizes;
  8. Explore photos of customers signed and visiting your resource;
  9. It is recommended to share with clients links to free tools, for example, image processing programs with which you work in person;
  10. Leave a review of interesting literature, which is somehow related to your activities;
  11. Share your products, which you buy on an ongoing basis. For example, if you are a carpenter, then share your opinion about modern furniture, which you yourself prefer;
  12. Create a top-ranking list of texts, articles or posts.
  13. Explain to the users why these thematic materials have become interesting to a wide audience;
  14. Leave links to affiliate sites that will repay you the same. For example, recommend a store in which you purchase content or some components for your products;
  15. Create an interesting survey;
  16. Constantly cover the latest news, share your opinion (policy is excluded);
  17. Leave a recommendation on the page of a specialist working in your industry;
  18. Nostalgic note. Share the history of creating your company, put logo templates, etc.
  19. Spread the links to your resource through various social networks;
  20. Publish memes – funny videos, pictures, etc.
  21. Share useful video instructions;
  22. Take pictures of the type “behind the scenes” – photos of the creative process, how your team works;
  23. Constantly create contests – for example, a photo contest related to your business;
  24. Publish funny pictures and pictures , offering subscribers to come up with an amusing signature; content ideas for social networks
  25. Create a news feed;
  26. Constantly track holidays. Do not forget to congratulate subscribers;
  27. Aim the feedback bridge. Maintain a dialogue with potential clients, answer questions about business and products;
  28. Share with your subscriber’s pictures of your team – a potential customer should be aware of who he is dealing with;
  29. Provide subscribers with information related to the return of products – this information will reduce the number of mistakes when ordering to a minimum;
  30. Excellent reception – the publication of posts in the style of “honestly-dishonest”. This technique allows the user to independently confirm or refute this fact;
  31. Always look for “hot” topics of the day. Be interested in what’s interesting to other users; content ideas for Facebook
  32. Regularly reward the most active users. Make him an “ambassador of good will” from your “enterprise”;
  33. Conduct research and share the results with the audience;
  34. Offer discounts to subscribers, with a limited time limit;
  35. Emphasize your professional qualities, demonstrate certificates, awards and other signs of honor;
  36. Share links with profitable shares, give coupons;
  37. Share photos from corporate parties, show how your team is resting;
  38. Offer free services;
  39. Do not forget to thank your subscribers for all the time they spend in your group;
  40. Create one theme and prepare a series of posts in this area. Publish them for several days;
  41. Publish in the group links to the most entertaining articles and photos that are related to your industry (scope);
  42. Constantly ask questions to users;
  43. Ask team members to tell an interesting story and publish it; ideas of content in social networks
  44. Conduct a dialogue with experts in your industry in an open mode;
  45. Organize a gift campaign. For example, gifts will be awarded to those 5-10 users who will make repost entries;
  46. Intrigue users. For example, publish only part of an interview with a popular person, which will appear in you only after 1-2 weeks;
  47. Constantly announce your posts.
  48. Attract the attention of the audience;
  49. Publish insider posts, news, information;
  50. Give examples of comments on your products or services, make a repost of the most literate and fun;
  51. Answer the questions of potential customers and consumers;
  52. Refer to letters from the mailing list to initiate a discussion dialogue;
  53. Ask subscribers to see them on your page;
  54. Do not neglect the services of question-answer type. Look for the most common questions and give them detailed comments;
  55. Publish interesting excerpts of articles;
  56. Sometimes it is recommended to publish screenshots of interesting dialogues (with the permission of the interlocutor);
  57. Constantly present the upcoming events of your company.