5 SEO Foundations More Important Than Link Building

Mobile Friendly Website

Google has decided to punish in their search results to sites not tailored to mobile devices, by “mobilegeddon” update. The only thing that is clear is that from this date begin to penalize Google in its search results to websites that we are “mobile-friendly”.

Google has made ​​available to the webmasters with a free tool to examine the adaptability to mobile devices of your pages. For more information about the changes that you need to enter on their websites, webmasters can dip into the so-called “Mobile Usability Report” of Google Webmaster Tools.

Website Navigation

A clear and simple navigation is essentially important for the success of a website. A complicated and unclear navigation will confuse your visitors. Those who do not quickly find what they are looking who leaves your website faster than you think. Therefore, a clear navigation is very important and Google rewards sites which have clear navigation

Full Informative and Regular Content

Content is one of the most important parts of the health and authority of your website. Without a great and unique content you may find it difficult to position your website and even harder to find users who want to spend quality time visiting your pages

You need fresh, original, unique, relevant content, and last but not least need to create it on a regular basis (not worth making good content a week and the next do nothing). While the blog is a great place to do this, you also need to do it in other web pages.

Social Media Presence

Social media is not a measure of return on direct investment, they are more of a help to achieve certain goals, so you have to pamper them and give them everything they ask for. It is a reality, users are directed to social networks as a way to connect with brands. For them, these channels represent a quick and easy way of contact. It is a reality, users are directed to social networks as a way to connect with brands. For them, these channels represent a quick and easy way of contact

Studies show that customers engaged (engagement) become loyal customers and its effect on the ROI is much higher than you think. So make sure you have a plan to take full advantage of social networks and have very clear what your strategy. So claim your business’s profile on as many social media platforms as you can. Also social media presence helps you retain your search positions.

Brand Mentions

A mention is when your brand or business is quoted in one website, with or without bond. However, you may wonder what the difference between the typical reference link and a mention.

Well, now Google has evolved. Just do not read links from social networks. Now links are not considered but mentions: it is considered that a user cites the brand or company as a mere mention of his audience, and not to refer to other content (as in the case of links).

Today, social mentions are clearly a new factor of authority in the SEO positioning. There was the view that a link on Social Networks interested us for the simple fact that it was a link. That already supposed a value in our positioning strategy, albeit

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